15 Ways to Modernize Your Home’s Style

The epitome of modern design is in the details, or rather, the lack of details. Modern design embraces straight lines, streamlined furniture, clean and clutter-free décor and a neutral palette. Bought a house for sale in Bintulu that is decorated in the austere and traditional? Throw the ornateness out the window and embrace the minimalism that comes with the modern design style.

1. The antidote to overdone

Modern design is an antithesis movement to traditional design. Replace the overdone with clean lines and a simple neutral color palette. Keep decorating pared-down and to a minimum. Embrace open floor plans with a single focal point, such as a large black mantle that contrasts dramatically against the bright grey walls of your space.

2. Pay attention to shape

Modern design values strong geometric shapes. Think of squares and rectangles. Bold, straight lines are the hallmark of modern design. Think of a cube-shaped house, or rectangular space. The minimalist look of a bright white palette has brought the four-walled white box look back into fashion.

3. Styled in simplicity

Minimalism equals modernism. They go hand in hand together. Look for furniture pieces that lack ornamentation. Think of the bare necessities and embrace function over form. Sometimes, the barest essential is all that is to it to a modern design. Think of a hardwood floors combined with low, neutral furniture and clean white walls to emulate a Sparta space.

4. High contrast, high style

Restraint is the key towards successful modern design. However, this does not mean your space has to be boring. Pick a couple of high contrast colors and stick to it. For example, pair the white walls of your kitchen with black cabinetry and countertops. Incorporate a sleek black island clad with a white waterfall countertop. Restrained palettes and repeated materials can be utilized well to create a modern space that not only high in contrast but also high in style.

5. Keep it classic

Modern style does not have to equal futuristic and trendy. Although modern design is the polar opposite of traditional style, it can be equally as timeless. Straight lines, a neural palette and iconic pieces can be characteristics that are easily adaptable. Thus, modern design is more than just a flash in the pan. In essence, it stays true to its roots and does not change with the times.

6. Fashionable finishes

Glass and stainless steel go hand in hand as must-have materials when going for a modern design aesthetic. Think about pairing sleek black cabinets with white countertops. Incorporate this bare canvas with stainless steel fixtures and hardware.

7. Purposeful design

If simplicity is right up your alley, then modern design is the design style that is truly for you. Modern design is all about making deliberate choices for design with a purpose. Keep an eye out for furniture pieces that really stand on their own and make a major impact.

8. Seamless integration

Modern design eschews any unnecessary detailing. Think about polished and clutter-free surfaces, straight edges and sharp angles. For example, have the rigid lines of your sleek white kitchen cabinets meet a square or rectangle stainless steel range hood. Play around with details within the boundaries of a streamlined concept. A waterfall countertop is a quirky and elegant detail that adds flow to the space while maintaining the style.

9. Keep only the essentials

Modern design is minimal in essence. Keep design and décor spare and streamlined. Get rid of any of the flourishes as it only interferes with the sense of calm and peace your minimal design emits. For example, think of simple deep-seated furniture made of luxurious materials. Make it all about function over form.

10. Serene nature-inspired styling

Just because modern design embraces clean and clutter-free, doesn’t mean it always has to be industrial looking. Bring in a touch of nature into your space. Materials such as wood are good for modern design. Ground your white neutral walls with hardwood floors. Add sleek walnut furniture to add a touch of warmth to your space.

11. Polished metals bring shine

Reflective surfaces are hallmarks of modern design. However, in contrast to warmer metals such as copper, bronze or gold that are often used in traditional design, go for cooler metals such as stainless steel or chrome. Incorporate it as a chic backsplash, or as cabinet pulls and storage canisters. Repetition is an often-used method of tying in a modern space.

12. Throw a curve

While rectangle and squares are shapes that usually dominate modern design, throw your space a curve and add in other simple shapes. A cool grouping of spherical pendant lights can also add an asymmetrical balance to your space. Just remember to keep the shapes simple and fuss-free.

13. Clutter-free living

Clean and unadorned are the décor keywords in any modern space. Allow the focus of the room to be on the furniture. Keep your walls unadorned, or if you must, hang only singular pieces of artwork. Keep your color palette neutral and add in pops of color here and there to up the punch factor.

14. Less is more

The less is more mentality works very well with modern design. The use of a neutral palette, an uncluttered space and sleek materials open up the space. Sleek lines and straight surfaces guide the eye further. It allows the eye to move throughout the room without interruption, bringing a sense of peace and calm to the eyes of the beholder.

15. Keep it simple

Whenever you choose something for your space, think about whether it is the simplest thing you can choose. For example, instead of a row of balustrades, incorporate glass dividers as stair rails.

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