How Do I Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit My Hand?

A designer engagement ring is an item that you will cherish for your entire life. It symbolises your relationship and joy. An engagement ring is also something that will be seen countless times, a lifelong accessory, one that people will often ask to see. As such, choosing a ring  should be done with utmost care and consideration. While the size of the ring and its comfort on your finger is important, there are numerous variations and subtleties that may or may not be flattering to your hand shape, size, or your personal style.

For longer fingers, a larger stone is often recommended. A popular cut, such as round or princess, is particularly desirable as the length of the finger offsets the size and width of the stone. A wider band may also be used to flatter a hand by having a shortening effect on the finger. A longer finger offers great versatility when considering a more extravagant fit, such as an open or shield design.


Alternatively, those with shorter fingers will usually be happier with an entended shape stone. An oval or pear-cut stone will add length to the finger. A stone set lengthways on the band, referred to as a marquise design, will also appear to elongate the finger. Alongside a smaller stone, selecting a more delicate width of band will also create an overall daintier impression.

Those with wider fingers are inclined to choose a slimmer band, however, this will typically have an adverse effect and will likely accentuate the strength of the hand. Opting instead for a wider band will be more complimentary to the hand’s shape. A larger stone, one with a dramatic shape, will also be more flattering. Winder fingers are adaptable, a quality that should be embraced with more pronounced designs, such as a cluster.

Finally, those with thinner fingers may want to choose a larger stone coupled with a slightly wider band, which will balance the overall shape of the finger. However, to embrace the petiteness, a slim, marquise cut, with a pear or cushion-cut diamond may be appropriate. Also, with a smaller finger, comfort is an important factor to keep in mind. While you certainly want to celebrate your love, choosing a ring and stone too larger may, ultimately, strain the finger.

Each finger, however, is entirely unique, as is the person. While these tips are helpful to consider, the most helpful suggestion that could be given when choosing designer engagement rings is to seek professional service. High-end and reputable designers will give you expert advice on each aspect of your ring selection. They will not only consider every aspect of both your hand and the ring but also take into account your personality, a quality that is especially important to compliment. Their guidance draws from years of experience, matching high-quality engagement rings with a variety of fingers and people, making it the best way to feel totally comfortable selecting the ring to represent your love and relationship.

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