Name Necklace Jewelry Trend 2019

Way back in the 80’s the necklaces with names were highly popular and almost every teenage girl wore one.  Fast forward to not so long ago, the most iconic name necklace gal has to be Sarah Jessica Parker wearing her Carrie necklace on Sex & The City.  She gave a fresh spin on the 1980s fabuluxe nameplate necklaces and made it popular.

Are you ready for the return of nameplate jewelry?  If celebrities are indeed the early predictors of trends, then the signs are definitely pointing toward yes.  So once again, every girl has to have one with her name on it.  Not only can you get one with your name, but you can gift one to your best friend, or even wear one with you daughter’s name and etc.

You can now get these Carrie Bradshaw wannabe necklaces from They are a jewelry manufacturer that offers fashionable and gorgeous personalized jewelry. has professional team of designers who turn names and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry.

Personalized jewelry is now widely accepted as a chic fashion statement.  Its popularity has been increasing not just because of the fact that the celebrities are wearing them but also due to the cool and innovative designs that the jewelers have been creating them. has a wide assortment of pendants that comes in all kinds of material such as 18K gold, silver and rose gold.

Though name necklaces have been widely portrayed as being fashionable accessories, some celebrites have also been spotted with name pendant bearing their children’s name.  This has led to the upsurge of the term ‘mommy necklaces’ which are a special way for mothers to carry memories of their children wherever they go.

Personalized Name Crown Necklace adds a a special design to the name necklace and it makes the most perfect gift to many occasions such as Mother’s Day, weddings and birthdays.

Regardless of which trends you are planning to embrace, one thing is for sure.  You are going to start paying way more attention to what is hanging around your neck.

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