Beauty Tricks With Baby Powder

A bottle of baby powder only costs a few bucks and there are so many amazing ways we can use it for besides putting it on babies.  Here are some of the interesting and smart uses for baby powder:-

Plump Lashes

If you want a fuller look, dust baby powder over eyelashes before applying mascara.

Dry Shampoo For Hair

You can use it as an alternative to expensive dry shampoo.  Rub some baby powder into your scalp.  This will soak up grease and also adds a nice scent to your hair.  Alternatively, you can sprinkle some powder onto your hairbrush and brush through.

Clean sandy skin effortlessly

If you are going to the beach then do not forget to bring along a bottle of baby powder.   Just a small sprinkling of this stuff will quickly and easily remove any sand.

Remove oil stains from clothing

If you get oil on your clothing, simply sprinkle each side of the material with some baby powder. Lightly rub in with your fingers and leave to soak in then hand wash it.  The oil stain will be gone.


Sprinkle some baby powder into your shoes and feet every morning and it will help soak up a sweat. You can also use it to give your feet a quick refresh during the day. This works really well if you are not wearing any socks with your shoes by absorbing any moisture and lightly disguising any odours.

Time to go out and get yourself a bottle of baby powder if you do not have it already.  You’ll be amazed at all the helpful ways you can use this budget-friendly fresh-smelling powder around your home.

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