Get Street Cred with Streetwear

What if you could become a fashion trendsetter in ordinary clothes? Right now, street style is trendier than ever. You can be the freshest dresser in your neighborhood without giving up the comfort of the casual-style clothing you already wear.

What Is Streetwear?

Street style is about looking cool in casual apparel. High fashion designers make outfits that look good on models at formal shows but aren’t known for being affordable or comfortable to wear around town. Streetwear designers such as Otherlinks are just as innovative, but they make the most of the things actually worn by normal people (jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, etc.) Nowadays, luxury brands are taking notice and trying to get in on the streetwear scene.

DIY Style

Street style is possibly the least conservative fashion. The informal nature of streetwear lends itself to nonconformity and individuality. Streetwear developed in the ’90s from California’s surfing and skateboarding cultures and gradually adopted elements from punk and hip-hop fashions, along with other sportswear. In fact, many wrappers and athletes have their own street clothing lines. However, street style isn’t so much about logos or any one look. It’s about you finding the look to fit your personality.

You don’t need thousand-dollar threads to be a street style superstar. When you find the streetwear that suits you best, your style will be undeniable.

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