To Wear Or Not To Wear A Wedding Tiara

When it comes to wedding accessories, there is none more hotly debated than the tiara.  Why?  This is because some women believe that the traditional princess tiara is an outdated piece which reminds them of children’s fancy dress party but we believe that a woman’s wedding day is a chance for her to go all out and make herself feel like royalty.  A wedding tiara definitely adds a touch of sparkle and grace.  In recent years, there were royal weddings such as the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William and Megan Markle to Prince Harry. Both the brides wore diamond tiaras at their wedding.  Since then, the wedding tiara has gained popularity among brides today.

So should you wear a stunning wedding tiara on your wedding day?  Firstly you have to ask yourself whether your day is suited to such a formal piece. If your dress, venue or theme is fairly casual, then a traditional tiara would look out of place as part of your bridal ensemble.

If you have decided that a tiara is right for you, then you have plenty of beautiful styles to choose from that can complement your wedding day look and theme.  There are many types of tiaras and even ETSY Personal Made ones.  Let’s take a look below:-


Inspired by nature, this floral tiara by Davids Bridal® USA is a delightful design.  Instead of having a design running all around the head, you can have an elaborate and intricate design on one side. This tiara looks great with tied up hairstyles too.


Pearls are a classic symbol of grace and signify femininity.  This wedding tiara by AW Bridal® exudes elegance and charm.

Queen Bee

If you want something different, this berry crystal tiara is just perfect.  It has the perfect crown design that is sure to up your wedding style.


A subtle gold wedding tiara with crystals from AW Bridal Tiaras makes a gorgeous piece that will make you look elegant and regal.

Wedding tiaras are a fashion statement which has existed centuries ago.  Whether for a wedding or any function, a tiara can really add to a woman’s overall look. So have you picked one that you really like? You may want to check out more beautiful tiaras at AW Bridal, the only online wedding retail store that has everything you need for your big day.   If you want to find out more about this company, read the AW bridal Review and ratings by their customers.

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