Hair Accessory Trend That Are About To Blow Up

Hair accessory trends certainly change fast. The pearl clip had its moment for almost a year now but looks like the tide may finally be turning to welcome some new style into the world of hair decorations. Now that you have surveyed your closet and made the appropriate fall update, it’s time to do the same with the hair accessories that will lend a hand in bringing those looks to life.

Below are the pieces we have been seeing all over Instagram. From ’90s-inspired headbands and clips to a colorful moment, check out the next wave of hair accessories and shop them soon.

Jumbo Headbands

Headbands have come a long way and now they are big, embellished, and come in tons of textures, colors, and prints. We expect these oversize crowns to stick around for a while.

Thick Hairband from Amazon

Minimal Pins

Whether you need to fasten a loose fringe, or simply add a subtle adornment to your hair, metal pins are an excellent option. Their negative space effect adds an interesting element to any hairstyle.

Margot Hairpin from UrbanOutffiters

Rainbow-Bright Barrettes

We have been seeing celebrities like Halsey and Cardi B with spiral of colorful clips.  There is nothing like a boost of chromatic colors this Fall.

Available at Madewell

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