The Best Wedding Gown Style For Pear Shaped Women

The term “pear-shaped” comes from the shape of an actual pear.  The top portion of the fruit is smaller than the bottom portion and when it is describing the human body, pear-shaped women’s upper body is usually quite petite and they have larger hips, thighs and bottoms.   A bride with pear shape body may have different sizes which means that their bust, hips and possibly even waist, are all different sizes.  At times, this makes it difficult to find clothing that fits well in all the right places.  Purchasing jeans are the best example because you have to purchase jeans that fit the largest area, your bottom half, but this leaves you with a gap at your waist. If this is what you have been encountering, congratulations, you have the perfect pear-shaped body.

Majority of women had always envisioned what their dream wedding dress would look like, for example, a fairy-tale-like princess wedding dress or a sexy mermaid bridal gown for the modern brides. But, have you thought about how these dresses could fit your body shape? When shopping for a gown, there are a couple of things that a Pear Shaped Bride might want to keep in mind.  Choose a gown with details around the neckline or chest.  This will draw attention to your upper body.  Ball gown wedding dresses and empire cuts are also great choices.

This Lace-up Applique Tulle Ball Gown from Cocosbride is simply breathtaking and gorgeous. This dress flows smoothly down which balances out your proportions. It neatly shows off your waist and skim effortlessly over your hips, the widest part of the body.

Another tip is to balance your shape, do consider a gown with wider straps, cap sleeves, bolero, or a fuller skirt. This will emphasize your small waist and create an hourglass silhouette.

An off-the-shoulder neckline in A-line silhouette is flattering to this type of body shape. The neckline broadens your shoulder but as the skirt flares from the waistline, it gives you a proportionate shape. A hugging dress with front slit is a great option too.

Ready to find your perfect fit?  Hurry and check out the above ball gown wedding dresses from As one of the largest and most affordable bridal retailer, Cocosbride is passionate about their business and their core principals of quality, choice and service.

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