Bridesmaid Dress Color Trend For 2020

As we are going into Fall of 2019, it is time for newly-engaged couples to start planning for their 2020 weddings. After you have chosen your wedding dress, it is time to complete your wedding look with stunning bridesmaid dresses for the bridal party and set a memorable trend.  When you are a bride, your maids of honors are going to be your best support throughout the whole wedding journey. So nothing is more important than choosing comfortable bridesmaid dresses. But what is the most difficult problem? Of course the color!  If you are planning for a summer wedding next year, take a look at the top color trends of bridesmaid dresses for a summer wedding in 2020.

Dusty Rose– a plain, muted and sophisticated pink. It makes a perfect wedding color for any wedding decoration, and dusty rose works well for all seasons.

Silver Sage –  muted green shades, such as silver sage, green jade, and moss. You can pair it will other neutral earthy tones like taupe, dove grey,beige and light brown.

Dusk Purple is a trendy color for next year’s wedding season.  It is a gorgeous muted shade of light purple with a slight tinge of grey. It maintains a soft purple undertone that can cool down a warm color palette. Dusk bridesmaid dresses are highly popular and will look good with all the trendy wedding decor of the year, for both day weddings or ceremonies at night.

Sun Yellow – is so fresh and just like summer time, people are ready to kick back, relax, and take it easy which is exactly what a summer wedding is all about. It is a bold color and one that is going to be memorable for years to come.

Many colors are perfect for a summer wedding and the wedding atmosphere complement each other. First, decide the main color of your wedding and then start choosing the color of your bridesmaid dresses.  From halter necks to wrap-around bridesmaids dress styles, BM Bridal has got you covered for a great wedding in 2020.  Whether you are planning your big day to happen in the spring, summer or even a gorgeous winter wedding, big, small or something in between, check out today.  Your bridesmaids are guaranteed to want to wear any of their dresses over and over again.

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