Going To The Prom In Red

The time has finally come. You are going to be at the seminal moment in every high schooler’s life and that is the prom. You and your friends cannot wait to dance the night away! The only thing left to do is find the perfect dress. Now is the time to let your personality shine. Are you looking forward to making a statement at this year’s prom?  If a dress speaks to you, then wear it with pride!  If you love being the center of attention, may we suggest something red?  Red is a warm and positive color, radiating strong and powerful energy. It is often associated with danger, passion and love. Wearing a red outfit can also boost your confidence. A red dress can set the trend and if you wear it well, you can create a look that is both classic and seductive.

Create a monochromatic look

Mix different shades of red. The bright red tone can look overwhelming if you use it on all your accessories. Instead, use different shades of red to create contrast while staying within a full combination of red colors. You have many options for a beautiful red prom dress, starting with lighter colors with roses and light reds, and ending with very dark tones like this long-sleeved burgundy lace dress.

Low-heeled shoes or heels

Wear red wine flats with a simple red dress. If you are going to wear a striking dress, amplify the intensity using deep red leather shoes.

Wear jewelry with red gems

You can also choose accessories to wear with a beautiful red prom dress.  Remember to stick to those that are simple, but that adds interest and contrast without taking too much attention from the dress itself. Make your red prom dress the central element of your ensemble. Choose jewelry sets with deep red rubies, garnets or crystals. The bronze-colored jewels create a hard look, while the silver and gold jewels create a classic look. If you want to boost the monochromatic look more, choose white gold jewelry.

For example, wear an iconic Red Sweetheart Elegant Red Mermaid Tiered Ruffles Prom Dress with ruby or garnet pendants on a delicate silver chain. Add drama to your look with a matching ring. Just use one or two small pieces of jewels and avoid any accessory that looks too big.  Let your red dress be the central element.

Making a statement by wearing your gorgeous red prom gown does not necessarily mean breaking the bank! You can look amazing even on a budget. Check out NewArrivaldress.com for affordable and gorgeous red prom dresses. No matter your personality, they have got the perfect dress for you.

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