Planning the Perfect Proposal

You are about to embark on one life’s greatest adventures by asking the love of your life to marry you. With so many different decisions to be made and choices ahead of you, you may not know where to start. Here are three key things to start planning your proposal so that you can begin the next adventure of planning your wedding and the rest of your lives together.

The Perfect Ring

With dozens of jewelry and diamond stores ready to help you spend your hard earned dollars on the perfect ring, a more personal and special idea is finding someone to help you design custom engagement rings NY NY. A customized engagement ring may cost you a little more but it will ensure there is no one else wearing a ring just like it and be a treasured item for years and even generations to come.

The Perfect Spot

So you have found the perfect ring for the proposal but now it is time to find the perfect place and way to pop the question. Think about your love’s personality and preferences. If they are the life of the party and love being the center of attention, then a show-stopping or grandiose proposal might be in order whether renting out a billboard or asking in front of thousands of other people. If your love is a bit more reserved, then finding a scenic remote spot away from curious strangers could be your best bet. If there is a particularly special or memorable spot the two of you have shared, then that could be the perfect proposal spot.

The Perfect Capture of the Moment

Once you have the perfect ring and spot picked out, you just need to make sure you have someone to capture those short but life changing moments asking your love to marry you. Whether you hire a professional videographer or photographer or just utilize a camera-savvy friend or family member, make sure you have a way to preserve the memory of the moments forever.

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