Best Fake Nails To Try

Many women do not have perfect nails.  For some, long nails will just never be in the cards because of personal preference or your day job.   If you are a manicure lover but dislike it when your nails get chipped after shelling out $30 on a manicure, or you just want some pretty nails for the weekend party or dinner, then perhaps you should check out some false nails.  They are also known as press-on nails which are basically the same fake nails that are used when doing nail extensions.   The only difference is these are molded to cover the whole nail bed.

Press-on nails have come a long way since the 80’s and ’90s.  They have definitely upped their game, providing nails to rival the most Instagram-worthy out there. Fake nails come in a multitude of shades, shapes and styles. There are transparent nail tips without any color so that they can put on the color they like and change whenever they need. They may also get colored, decorated fake nails depending on their preference.

No matter which type of nails you are looking for, (click) for more styles.  The above Full Cover Stiletto Coffin press-on nails are strong, shiny, lasting nails are made up of high-end ABS materials that are environmentally friendly and maintain the shape and color for up to 1-3 weeks depending on the use and exposure to different factors. These are toxin-free, without any odors and other issues.

There are a total of 25 beautiful shiny red fake nails with glitter decoration art included in this kit that offers long-lasting nail base and glittery, chic design that only takes 10 minutes to be put on your nails.  The shape and sizes are perfect for the average natural nails and these fake nail tips stay sturdy on the nails without getting damaged.

Press-on nails are slowly becoming a go-to option for many people who want to have a gorgeous manicure without the hassle of doing it themselves or paying through the nose for each nail salon visit.  Whether you want to go short with neutral polish or long and bold with multicolored glitter, has got you covered with the latest and greatest in press-on nails. Known for its many different high-quality press-on nail styles,’s  collection is great for those who love bold nails. From marble matte to french glitter, their collection has every style you need to make a statement.  So hurry and shop now.


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