Jennifer Aniston Turns 51

So Jennifer Aniston turned 51 on February 12th 2020.  She posted a series of photos on her Instagram account where she wore thigh-high boots, leather jacket and black underwear for Interview magazine.  The sexy photos will be featured in the March 2020 issue.  These photos were taken while she was chatting with actress Sandra Bullock on sharing boyfriends and drunken nights.

Jennifer is then photographed in a white blouse with high-waisted booty shorts and a leather jacket. Her eyes are hidden behind black sunglasses as well.

 Jennifer Aniston wore a pink bustier and a leather black skirt

Jennifer shows off her toned arms and stomach by wearing a black leather skirt with a pink bustier.

 Jennifer also channelled her inner goddess with this tunic dress

Channeling her inner goddess in this black outfit.

 Brad Pitt would love these photos of his old flame

This is the cover photo of Jennifer donning a pair of thigh-high boots with nothing else but a pair of black underwear and an oversized leather jacket.

Isn’t Jen hot or what?

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