Make Your T-Shirt Look Expensive With These Affordable Accessories

I am sure many of us feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans.  No matter how many new tops or dresses that I have sitting in the closet, I would still reach out to my comfortable tee and jeans. The simplicity of a great pair of jeans and a clean white T makes it one of the most versatile outfits around.  It allows you to go from a day at the mall to dinner with friends to a night of bar hopping. If you are like me and would want to always look on-trend and put together even when wearing the jeans and t-shirt combo, well, here is a simple tip. You don’t need to own expensive things or buy expensive items to look chic.  The classic t-shirt outfit can feel modern and new with just a few key accessories such as chain necklaces, neck scarves, sunglasses and red lipstick.

  1.  Chain necklaces

Oversize chain necklaces were the rage during Fall 2019 and continue to be a major spring 2020 trend.  They are one of those accessories that always look expensive eventhough the price tag is not.  Layering a stack of gold chains around your neck will instantly make whatever you’re pairing them with feel stylish and luxe, whether that’s jeans and a tee or a dress and heels.

Short Necklace - Gold-colored - Ladies | H&M US

Chain necklace from H&M ($9.90)

2.  Neck Scarves

Scarves are bright, patterned, light and fun. They are best used to color and add interest to an otherwise simple look.

2-pack Scarves/Hairbands - Black/white patterned - Ladies | H&M US

Scarves/headbands from H&M ($12.90)

3.  Shoulder Bags

The little baguette shoulder bag trend started to make a comeback late last year and I don’t mind it one bit. There is nothing like a little bag tucked under your arm, making your entire outfit feel a bit more polished.

Shoulder Bag - Cerise - Ladies | H&M US

Faux suede and faux leather rectangular bag from H&M ($29.90)

These are going to make my favorite tees look expensive and outfits feel very 2020. The best thing is that these accessories are super affordable.

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