Affordable Neck Gaiters To Keep You Protected

A neck gaiter is a piece of clothing designed to give coverage and warmth for your neck and face.  They have the same effect as scarfs to protect from the cold and wind, as well as offer UV protection. This clothing article is sewn into a tube. sits around your neck and can be pulled up over your mouth and nose for more coverage. It can be worn to cool or warm your neck, head, ears, face, nose and throat.   They are also extremely lightweight and portable.

It is a very simple and lightweight versatile piece of equipment and is great for outdoor activities.

Below is the functionality of a neck gaiter:-

  • Insulation – to keep your neck or face & head warm or cool
  • Prevent sun exposure (UV protection).
  • Windstopper
  • Moisture-wicking any sweat-based moisture from the skin.

Below is a list of people who may need to use the neck gaiters:-

  • Backpackers
  • Runners
  • Travelers
  • Cyclist
  • Fishermen
  • Hunting sport
  • Army
  • Winter sports include skiing/Snowboarding/Snowmobiling

Neck gaiters can be used in the summer and winter.  For winter use, the neck gaiters are usually made with wool, fleece, or synthetic material.  For the warmer season, cooling neck gaiter made from polyester, spandex and microfiber will be perfect.

If you are shopping for a neck gaiter, do consider what you really hope to get out of it. If you are looking for protection from the wind and cold, choose one that is thicker and made from warmer materials. If you plan to work up a sweat, look for one made with breathable fabric.  Nylon and polyester are common choices because they effectively wick moisture and dry quickly.

Neck gaiters come in many different types of designs. Some are form fit while others are simple tubes that can be worn in a variety of different ways. Check out Yesbabyonline for a wide selection of patterns, from plain black to colors for men and women.

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