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How To Wear Your Sweatpants Outfit At Home

May 16, 2020 by barbara

There is a lot of loungewear conversations ongoing at the moment and while we all love cozy clothes for chilling, there is no pressure to pick up new pieces just to wear them at home.  However, if you are bored of wearing joggers and sweaters daily, well here are some tips from influencers on how to perk up your sweatpants outfit

Sweatpant Outfits

A chunky necklace and a pair of Nike socks make all the difference.  Photo via

Sweatpant Outfits

Go for a fun matching tee if sweater is too warm for you. Photo via

Sweatpant Outfits

Match your outfit in a fun color.  Photo via

Sweatpant Outfits

Wear bright sweatpants with neutral basics. Photo via

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