Looks You Are About To See In 2020

When it comes to beauty, many women spent a good part of the 2010s trying to look effortless with makeup, but in this new decade, makeup is finally fun again. The beauty trends for 2020 are playful, fresh and experimental, much like the retro inspirations from the ’80s with an entirely new look.

While the 80’s makeup trends were full of colorful lids and bright lips, the current trend is not overdone.  Do not fret at the thought of bright blue eyeshadow. Beauty trends in 2020 are about celebrating the individual.  Add a swipe of colored liner, pile on the blush and read on for the latest beauty trends that will be flooding the social media everywhere.

It’s All On The Eyes

Whether it is a bright liner, pastel shadow, or glitter, beauty trends for 2020 are all about the eyes. Try to go beyond the usual neutral smoky eye. It is time to experiment with colors and texture for a beautiful moment that is sure to turn heads.

15 Biggest Makeup Trends of 2020 That Are Everywhere

Check out the bright Anastasia Eyeshadow Palette that includes 14 all-new matte and metallic shades for eyes and face. The paradise-inspired springtime color collection features vibrant jewel tones and pops of color for you to embrace the bright, colorful eye makeup trend.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

Glass Skin

This year is all about a lit-from-within glow. Highly popular in the K-beauty scene, women who love this 2020 beauty trend use extensive skincare to create a complexion that looks like it was sculpted from glass.

What Is Glass Skin and How to Get It | Dermstore Blog

To achieve the look without a 10-step routine, apply an illuminating primer like this Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator under foundation and finish with a creamy, natural highlight.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators

Glossy Lips

Can we all agree to leave matte liquid lipsticks behind? The glossy lip is back, and whether you are into a balmy finish or full-on reflective shine, this is one of the easiest beauty trends of 2020 to pull off.  Just dab clear gloss over your favorite lip color for a subtle update to your usual look.

The Resurgence of Lip Gloss (and 5 You Need to Try) | StyleCaster

An opaque, high-shine lip color, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss features a flat sponge-tip applicator to deliver intense pigment with precision for an expert finish in a single swipe.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

So if you want to play around with new looks, check out the above cheap makeup brands.  These beauty picks will leave you looking flawless and ready for the red carpet no matter your budget.

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