Tie-Dye Fashion Is Making A Comeback

The tie-dye fashion was a 1970s staple and we are seeing the reappearance of this colorful and fun trend. Toted as one of this year’s major fashion trends, do expect to see a major comeback of this ultra-colorful and psychedelic look this season. From street-style stars to the spring/summer ’20 runway, many celebrities and fashion influencers on Instagram have been embracing this style.  Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosia was spotted wearing a tie-dye sweatshirt with her daughter in a video choreography.  The latest celebrity to take the plunge is British singer and fashion icon, Dua Lipa.

Here are some of our favorite pieces that you can buy online right now if you want to skip the messy dye process and go straight to sporting the look.

Old School Van Sneakers in Tie Dye

Urban Outfitters

Tie Dye Sweatshirts from Urban Outfitters

yankee hat

Tie Dye Baseball Cap from Urban Outfitters

Baby Tee From Urban Outfitters

Puma Tie Dye Shorts

tie dye

The classic pinwheel tie dye t shirt from Urban Outfitters

So are you embracing the tie dye trend?

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