Vintage Trends That Are In High Demand In 2020

We all know the saying – what goes around, comes around eh? This applies to fashion too because the fashion trend is cyclical in nature. We often see trends returning from the past.  Designers are always looking into the past to reinvent the fashion from one decade before moving onto the next.  In recent years, we have seen fashion trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s being brought to the present day.

From the 70’s are the colorful scarves and the knee-high boots. Searches for scarves are at an all-time high and many fashion girls are styling scarves in creative ways, from tying them up over their heads to knotting them around their neck.

Image 1 of LONG LEAF PRINT BANDANA from Zara

Long leaf print scarf from Zara.

Tartan and Plaid. The 70s-inspired tartan has been seen on everything from preppy pleated skirts to sophisticated trousers this season.

Image 1 of PLAID PENCIL SKIRT from Zara

Plaid Pencil Skirt From Zara

From the 80’s are the puff sleeves trend and I must say that it is such a delight to wear.  I am happy that this trend made a comeback.

Image 1 of BALLOON SLEEVE DRESS from Zara

Balloon sleeve dress from Zara.

Metallics is synonymous with the 80s styles.  They are getting more interest this year in the form of 80% bags and party dresses.

Image 1 of SEQUIN TOP from Zara

Crop sequin top from Zara.

Image 1 of FLAT METALLIC SANDALS from Zara

Flat Metallic Sandals from Zara

Who can forget the Baguette Bags from the 90’s? Remember the Fendi’s Zucca Baguette and Prada’s nylon shoulder bag?  This style is getting a big revival.

Baguette bag - General plane

Baguette from Mango

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