Best Clearance Sales This Summer

Did someone say SALE?! That is probably one of the most favorite words for shoppers.  Researches have shown that sale-obsessed shoppers ultimately spend more money than non-sale shoppers. Shoppers are fixated on deals and discounts.  Also women enjoy shopping more than men.  Women shop more when emotions, both positive and negative, are running high.  Positive emotions like feeling good can also trigger an urge to shop.  Women indulge in retail therapy because it helps them to destress and make them happy.

“I have nothing to wear. I have to buy new clothes.” That is a common refrain you will hear from a woman. So if you are looking to give your wardrobe an update but do not want to dig deep into your pockets, then you must check out the clearance ( section on  This online fashion retailer has markdowns that are an absolute steal.  You can snag tons of deals on dresses, tops, skirts and more in their clearance section.  Scroll down to see some of its best buys that you must add to your cart.

Chic Prints Spaghetti Zipper Two-piece Swimsuits

Floral prints are also a perennial favorite.  Grab this chic prints Spaghetti Zipper Two-piece Swimsuits for only $5.49 (

Dresses are always on-trend and look great on every body type. Look for off-shoulder and flounce details for the perfect contemporary touch such as this short and chic off-shoulder dress ( at $21.99.

An elegant strapless evening dress that can double up as a bridesmaid dress ( for $36.31.

You do not have to spend a ton to look great. When you are smart about buying during sales and clearances, you can dress the same as your friends, only for a much cheaper price. This is the best way to stay in the loop without completely busting your budget.  Shop all your favorite picks at can’t miss prices at Babyonlinedress (

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