How To Style Your Classic Reeboks

Are you a big fan of wearing white sneaker with denim? Many women opt for this choice of outfit as their go-to look.  This look is great for running errands to having dinner with friends by just wearing a bold red lipstick and a leather jacket.  Whether it is a basic white top which is a default work top or a chic black mini skirt, many people have black and white staples in her closet.

Just like the black and white trend, classic leather sneakers are timeless and can be worn with just about anything.  If you are thinking of how to style the Reebok Classics, scroll ahead for some chic and stylish inspiration.

Style It With A Skirt

The classic white kicks are great with skirts and offer a fun casual look.

JOURNEYS | Reebok Classic White -- photo credit: @ martis.raya

Pair It With Jeans or Jogger Pants

Jeans and sneakers just go together. You can add a leather jacket or sweater for a cooler look.  Here is Gigi Hadid rocking the Classic Reebok sneakers.

This image may contain Jelena Noura Gigi Hadid Clothing Apparel Human Person Female Runway Woman and Footwear

Leggings and Sweaters

Leggings have become a streetwear staple in the wardrobes of many women.  Reebok Classic is the best sneaker to pair with your leggings. With Fall right around the corner, you can dress up your staple leggings up or down with a denim jacket or sweater to your outfit. 

RENNegade Black Leggings | Fashion, Gigi hadid street style ...

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