Top Hip Hop Jewelry Trend For 2021

When you hear the word hip hop music, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?  Artists like Jay-Z? Pharell? DJ Khaled?  The hip hop culture is more than the music.  It is well known for its flashy and excessive jewelry.  Celebrities like Lil Wayne are known to splurge on their accessories and are often the talk of the town.

When you are all about hip-hop culture, it goes without saying that you follow the latest hip-hop fashion trends. As trends come and go, whether it is streetwear outfits or high fashion kicks,  so do hip-hop jewelry and accessories. Style trends change every season, so it is definitely a must to have classic hip-hop jewelry and bling pieces that survive the changing of the fashion seasons.  Chains are at the center of any jewelry ensemble, so it is only practical to have the classic chains in your jewelry stash to mix and match with your trendy pieces. Scroll down to see the top 3 classic chain pieces from Helloice.

Hip Hop Chain

These mens chains a must-have for every hip hop fashion lover out there. From byzantine to Cuban and rope chain,  there are many types of hip hop chains available. These chains are available in various types of finishes and metals. They can be worn on their own or with some flashy pendants!

8mm 18K Gold Iced Rope Chain

Tennis chain

This classy piece is decorated with small diamonds or similar gemstones, and connected by a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum.  Definitely a mainstay in the hip-hop jewelry category, the classic tennis chain is currently in the spotlight when it comes to 2020 jewelry trends, even outside of the hip-hop culture. It is definitely not hard to guess why. Worn alone or layered with other chains of different length, the tennis chain undoubtedly brings swag to your overall look.

3mm 18K Gold Tennis Chain + 5mm Gold Tennis Chain Set

Cuban gold chain

Cuban chain is the top of the list when people talk about hip-hop streetwear and jewelry scene.  This essential chain has been around since the hip-hop scene started, and is sported by all hip-hop artists everywhere they go, from casual hangouts to red carpet events. The Cuban chain is a series of linked loops forming a chain, usually in solid gold or platinum, and designed in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Available in necklace or bracelets, this must-have chain can be styled with your other chains for a layered look or worn by itself to suit your style statement.

13mm Iced Figaro Cuban Link Chain

13mm Cuban G-Link Chain in White Gold

The Cuban link chain is undoubtedly the best chain when it comes to durability because they are slightly thicker links than other chains.

If you already have the tennis chain and Cuban gold chain in your jewelry collection and looking to add more, have a look at Helloice for other chains and new drops.

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