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A waist trainer is a piece of device which is similar to a corset.  It is typically manufactured from elastic material and features a velcro strap that can be cinched around the waist or bra-style hook and eyes that can be progressively tightened. The main intention of wearing women waist trainer belt is to create a slimmer waist and an hourglass figure.   If the waist trainer belt is worn consistently over time, they can create a pretty extreme effect.

This idea of using a garment to shape the waist is nothing new. Women in the 1500s have already started wearing corsets over a period of time to achieve a smaller waist.   Fast forward to now, waist trainers are made of different materials and not usually worn as tightly. However,  they promise a similar effect which can tone, slim, and shape the waistline as well as taking inches off the belly.

How Does Waist Trainer Work?

When wearing a waist trainer, there may be water weight shed through sweating. It is important to note that losing water weight does not mean you have lost fat.  Tightly cinched waist trainers make it hard to use the abdominal muscles hence this can make them weaker.  This could make your waist appear slimmer over time. A waist trainer helps to improve posture as it forces you to sit and stand up straight.  This might provide an overall longer appearance.   A better form could mean better fitness.  Also, when wearing a waist trainer during meals, one would tend to feel fuller faster as it squeezes and puts pressure on the stomach.  So you may end up losing weight from eating less food.

Many women use slimming bodysuit and other kinds of shapewear to hold in and smooth out the body fat.  These help them in efforts to lose weight and tighten up the bodies especially after having a baby.   This type of shapewear works by sucking in body fat and compressing the body.  There are many benefits to wearing one.  It prevents enlargement of fat cells, flattens tummy and hip, straighten the spine and compresses the uterus to its original shape.

With a combination of the right diet and exercise regime, waist trainers will not only slim the waistline but also help to achieve your long-term fitness goals. A good waist and thigh trainer not only helps to improve posture, it can make workouts more effective and helps women to reduce their natural waist size and accentuate your curves.

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