Top 5 Cozy & Funny Kigurumi Onesie for Adults from Alfagoody

As most of us are spending more time at home, whether to work from home, to practice social distancing or in qurantine at home to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing the comfiest pajamas or loungewear has never been more suitable.  Staying in has become the new going out. As such, it is time for us to put away our fancy outfits and don something that is far more cozy.  There is nothing better than wearing cozy and funny onesies to keep warm while at home.  Below are the Top 5 Cozy and Funny Kigurumi Onesie from Alfagoody.

1.  Tiger Plush Pajamas

If you have been dreaming to look like the ferocious cat in the jungle, then it is time to get this plush Tiger onesie.  It features black accent trim, cute ears and a tail to complete the look.  This onesie is absolutely perfect for days around the house.


2.  Lion King Kigurumi Onesie

This lion onesie is perfect for those who want to embrace their lion spirit.  Made from ultra-soft fleece, it has a front zipper and faux fur mane around the collar.  If you have been wanting to roar out loud, now is the time to do so with this fierce but cozy lion king onesie.


3.  Unicorn Onesie

We all know that unicorns are magical creatures and practically everyone loves them. If it has always been your wish to see a unicorn but it may be a tad difficult to fulfill this wish, you can be a unicorn yourself by wearing this playful onesie.  This fleece onesie will surely make you giggle every time you slip it on.

4.  Gray MashiMaro Pajamas

This cute MashiMaro pajamas is super comfy.  It features a loose fit for easy movement.  Whether you feel like dancing or just lounging in front of the tv, this onesie will keep you warm and toasty.



5.  Black Huskie Pajama

Dogs are lovable animals and man’s best friend.  This black huskie pajama is fun to wear.  It features a realistic Siberian Husky look with blue eyes and pointy ears.  Made from cozy flannel, this pajama will help to keep a snug fit.

Loungewear or sleepwear has become the norm now.  There is nothing better than pulling on your pajamas and feel instantly relaxed. You can even conduct your Zoom meeting wearing this sleepwear.  Time to release the inner child within you with the above cozy and funny onesies.  They make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas too.

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