Trending Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry

Most people express themselves through jewelry and it is also a way for people to stand out from others.  Men’s jewelry trend is on the rise, thanks to the influence set by rappers and hip hop artists. In recent seasons, there has been a 1990s streetwear revival which sees hip hop jewelry like chains, pendants, medallions and rings rising in popularity.  Today, the culture of wearing jewelry has shifted from only celebrities to anyone who wants to up their style.

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Hip hop stars were donning big gold and diamond necklaces back in the ’90s. However, today’s fashion trend has revolved and men are opting for a more minimalist chain that is sleeker and shorter in length.  The hip hop chains can be worn on top of a shirt or tucked in, revealing only a small portion.

3mm Tennis Necklace in White Gold

Styles such as this Tennis chain show that men’s fashion has transitioned to emphasis less on huge sizes and more on fresh looking styles.


Another accessory trend that is popularized by the rap industry is to add pendants to chains for more personality and style. A simple and clean looking pendant give an ordinary outfit a unique and distinct look. Remember to consider style and practicality when choosing a pendant. Although your favorite hip hop artist may be seen wearing an enormous pendant or chain that cost millions in the music videos and performances, but when it comes to practical daily wear, a huge chain or pendant may weigh you down or simply be too flashy.  You may want to get hip hop pendants like this Iced Lightning Bolt pendant which is a great way to show your personal style.

Iced Lightning Bolt Pendant in White Gold


Bracelets are becoming an important accessory for men. You can almost find rappers wearing something on their wrist, either it is a bracelet or a watch.  Bracelet is a great way to complement almost any outfit and goes well with short sleeves.  When buying a bracelet, allow a little room for it to slide back and forth but remember not to get an oversized bracelet.


Rings have been an essential part of making a statement. There are many different types of styles available and the rings worn by rappers are more than just a plain ring.


Earrings make a bold fashion statement for the man who is ready to express his style. They are a great choice for those who looking for something sleek and fresh.  Earrings are great with casual or formal outfits and when done right, they can be a great everyday piece. For streetwear, bright and colorful earrings are the ideal choice. Earrings with subtle designs like this Halo Cross Studs Formal match well with formal outfits.

Iced Halo Cross Stud Earrings

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