Why Every Woman Needs A Vanity Table

Do you often stand in front of your bathroom mirror and trying to put on your moisturizer, makeup and comb your hair to get ready for the day?  Most often you will be balancing your makeup tools while hovering over the sink.  If your answer is yes, then you need to get yourself a vanity table. 

  • Not only does a vanity table allows you to sit down and put on your makeup comfortably, it also has a host of other benefits.  Do read on to find out why you need to get yourself a vanity table.
  • Allows you to start the day right by having a little corner to yourself to do your makeup.  Having a ‘Me’ time is important to keep us happy and sane.   A vanity table allows you to apply your makeup in your own little space with no interruptions.  This will reduce stress from interruptions. 
  • Keeps your makeup products organized instead of having your items all over the place.  When your things are kept neat and organized, it makes locating them easier.  Less clutter in the bathroom because all your necessities are kept on the vanity table.
  • With a vanity table, you can also display your favorite perfume or beauty products, especially those that come with pretty packaging or unique fragrance bottles. 
  • A makeup vanity table is a multi-function piece of furniture that sometimes come with lights as well for easy makeup application.  Some vanity table also serves as a desk when the need arises.  Such a vanity table model will have a flip-up mirror that offers a spacious tabletop.

The design of a vanity table will have an effect on its efficiency and comfort.  A nice-looking vanity table will also make a room more attractive.  Finding the best vanity table may be a little daunting because there are so many of them in the market today.  Well, don’t worry because you can find the best modern vanity table at Jaxpety, an online retail store specializing in home furniture and garden products. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best table of them all?  Scroll ahead to see some of their popular vanity tables that make getting ready in the morning or for a night out can be a quicker and more pleasant experience.

Modern Vanity Desk with Tri-Folding Mirror

This elegant and modern vanity table features large tri-fold mirrors with 180°angle adjustment for easy viewing.  It has 4 storage drawers and a stool. This vanity table can also be converted into a desk by removing the mirrors.  Its sleek and simple design will have your space looking clean and stylish.  The comfy stool won’t take up extra space and can simply be pushed back underneath the table when done.  

Modern Bathroom Makeup Desk W/ Flip-up Mirror

This modern makeup desk is an excellent choice for those who want the convenience of a vanity table, without the huge price tag. It features a compact design that includes a flip-up mirror and a large platform for makeup storage. It is a stable structure that is very durable and does not take up space. 

Bulb Lighted Vanity Mirror and Dressing Table Set

This Bulb Lighted Vanity Mirror and Dressing Table Set help you to get the perfect lighting while getting ready to slay the day. It gives the room a luxurious feel.  The vanity table comes equipped with 3 drawers and 2 storage boxes, offering plenty of space to keep your cosmetic stash and whatnots.   The rotatable swivel oval mirror rotates 360 degrees to find just the right angle. The top stand is detachable which is perfect if you do not have enough room for a desk.  You can make the most of your new makeup vanity to write, put on your laptop, or whatever activity you need a desk surface for.  The cushioned stool provides more comfortable seating and makeup experience.

Rustic Country 2-Drawer Wood Makeup Vanity Set

This rustic country 2-drawer vanity table is the perfect fit for tight spaces.  Clean, simple, and stylish it looks great at center stage on a wall or tucked into a corner.  It is sure to match any decor with its clean white and wood finish design. 

When shopping for the best vanity table for your needs, here are what you should look at :-

  • The size of the table.  Remember to measure your space, and make sure that the table you are ordering fits your room.
  • Are you facing space constraints? If yes, you can rule out full wall vanities. You may want to consider vanities with folding storage. 
  • Vanity tables usually have integrated drawers and shelves which make storing your essentials and having them within easy reach more convenient.
  • Seating. Look for tables that come with a stool. You can often choose either a bench, stool or chair.
  • Budget. Consider how much you are willing to spend on a vanity table. Vanity tables vary in price from $80 and above.

With all the above in mind, you can start your vanity table shopping at Jaxpety as they offer a huge selection of price-conscious, quality and stylish pieces that will help you make the most of your space and beauty stash.

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