Shoes To Avoid When Wearing Jeans

Jeans and shoes are some of the most worn and most love items in many women’s closet.  However, how they are paired is important.  There are some shoes that go well with jeans while they are others that should never be worn with jeans.   When you wear too smart shoes, you may end up looking like you are going to bad night club.  Matching shoes with jeans need not be an unnavigable minefield.  Ahead, find out which shoes you should not be wearing with jeans.

Leather sandals with strass straps   - Medium plane

Baggy jeans should not be paired with mules.  Instead, choose barely there sandals with a bit of height (Leather sandals with straps from Mango)

Mules - Black - Ladies | H&M US

If you love cropped jeans, avoid pairing it with ankle boots. The space between the hem of the jeans and the boot looks pretty awkward.  Instead,  go for a cool mule. (Black mules from H&M).

Pointed Boots - Gray - Ladies | H&M US 2

Long, flared jeans are better with heeled boots than sneakers. (Pointed boots from H&M)

Sandals - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M US

Wide-leg jeans do not go with flats. However, they are the perfect jeans to wear with low-block heels or higher heels to take full advantage of their leg-lengthening effects. (Block heel sandal from H&M)

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