Styles That Will Take Years Off Your Look

Age is just a number and whether we are younger or older, that number has nothing to do with what we should or should not wear.  Having said that, I am sure some of us can’t help but be curious by those style habits that can actually take a few years off our looks without diets, injections, serums, and moisturizers.  So if you are looking for some tips on how to make you look younger, then do keep scrolling.  

Weird color combination

Keep your look fresh with weird color combo like this green pants with tan leather slip-on.

& Other Stories Belted High Waist Trousers

Belted pants from & Other Stories

Choose really vibrant and wild colors

Colors play an important role in your wardrobe.  Give your look a lift with really bright colors like red with bright pink.  These colors have a youthful vibrancy in them.

How to Look Younger: Wear Color

Layer creatively like overalls and turtleneck.

If you allow your creative juices to flow, you will find more possibilities in your closet.  Avoid looking like you are drowning in fabric.  Balanced out this overall with a white turtleneck.  Experimenting with unique outfit combinations will make you look 10 years younger instantly.

Layering Outfit Idea

Image via Style Stalker

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