2021 Winter Coat Trends

Winter is in full swing now and this means that the coat season is upon us.  While most of us were in our matching sweatsuits and loungewear last year, the outerwear is getting a new makeover this year with a number of new winter coat trends taking over the Instagram fashion feeds.    A coat is a justifiable purchase and this single addition will make a huge impact on our wardrobe.  If there is a time to splurge on a little something for yourself, it is now.  A great coat would not only keep you warm and make winter feel more bearable, it is that little spark of joy that makes dressing up more satisfying.

From textured quilted to dark slouchy wool pieces, there is bound to be a coat that fits everyone.  If you want to stay ahead of the trend and get your hands on the coat before everyone else gets to them, here is the upcoming women’s coats trend that we will be seeing everywhere this year.

Checkered Coat

Quilted Coat

The quilted jackets have also gotten longer and baggier this season.  It is another one of fall and winter’s big trends and dress-like silhouette.  For colder temperatures, choose a quilted coat with some down fill.  You can find some cheap maxi dresses and underneath the quilted coat.   This type of coat is extremely comfortable and almost like you are walking around in a blanket.

The Shearling Coat

The shearling coat is the warmest coat on this list.   The ever-popular shearling jacket silhouette has been replaced with a vegan version and a longer, knee-length hemline. It will definitely be a bonus if you can find one with oversized statement pockets.

The Puffer

The biggest outerwear winter trend is the printed puffer and it is also one of the most fun styles to wear.  With designs and prints ranging from floral to tropical, these jackets instantly add a statement, and not to mention warmth — to any cold-weather look.

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