Affordable Spring Trends For Spring 2021

Fashion and trends are a funny thing because you do not know how long they will be around.  There are trends that peak real quickly and then everyone would suffer a trend fatigue while others who are slower and the trends tend to last longer.  There are typical things that some of us may splurge on like a versatile black bag or a nice blazer which are a wardrobe staple.  It is a good idea to not splurge on items that you are not going to wear them for at least a few seasons.  Below are some of the affordable spring trends that you may just wear them over and over again. So if you are ready to make your 2021 wardrobe a bit more trendy, keep scrolling.


These shoes are uber comfortable and are a major trend now.   Below is the sleek slide sandal from UGG ($100).

UGG<SUP>®</SUP> Emily Platform Slide Sandal, Main, color, BLACK PATENT LEATHER


If you love pink then you are in luck because the bubblegum pink trend is in this year. There are many pretty pink outfits under #100 so you don’t have to worry about spending a ton on it to keep up with the trend.  Pink shirt from Zara ($40)

Zara Shirt with Pocket

Baggy Jeans

The baggy jeans are back and you can find cool affordable versions, such as this high waisted one from Urban Outfitters ($69)

BDG High-Waisted Baggy Jeans

Cut Outs

Cut-outs are making waves now and they make for beautiful tops and dresses.  Best thing is that you can find many affordable cut out tops and dresses such as this cut out top from Zara ($20)

Zara Cut Out Knit Top

Retro Prints

Tired of the 90s?  Time to swing back to the 70s for inspiration.  All things retro are cool again.   This baguette bag in vintage 70s flower prints from Urban Outfitter ($34) is a good place to start.

Urban Outfitters '70s Floral Baguette Bag

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