How To Dress According To Your Body Shape – Apple Shape

Apple-shaped women have a heavier mid-section, broad shoulders and wider torso.  These women also have thinner arms and legs with flatter derriere that is narrower than the bust area.  For a person with apple-shaped figure, it is a good idea to draw attention away from the middle section by directing the focus elsewhere such as the upper body or legs.  Another way is to create more definitions in the waistline.  A great asset for this shape is the legs so don’t be afraid to show them off.

What To Wear

Shorter length and high-waisted shorts will draw attention to the legs.  Avoid anything that cut low at the waist as this may create a “muffin top” that can negatively accentuate your middle section. Focusing on your legs will help add more balance to your look. Wear pants with back pockets to create a definition to enhance your flatter bottom.  Wear pants that are denim a trouser cut or boot cut style. Darker colors in jeans are best.  Avoid super skinny styles will make your upper body appear more round.

High waist straight jeans - Medium plane

High Waist Straight Cut Jeans from Mango

Wear shirts that flow or expand at the waist like a peplum. V-necks and plunging necklines can lengthen your body. Strapless, scoop or tops with narrow bodices draw the eye to your bust and elongate the upper body.  Avoid high necklines and off-the-shoulder tops that can make your shoulders appear broader. Also avoid boxy, baggy or formless tops as they make you look larger.

Organic cotton shirt - Medium plane

Mango cotton shirt

High heels such as platform and wedges are a great way to elongate your legs or pair nude sandals with shorts to create even more length. Avoid heavy boots, kitten heels, or any shoes that make your legs look smaller and draw more attention to the waist.

Esparto leather sandals - Article without model

Esparto Leather Sandals From Mango

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