Cool Ways To Style A Button Down Shirt

White shirts may be simple and plain but they are the basics that we all need in our wardrobe for all seasons.  Whether it is for a formal occasion or a casual day out, a white shirt can transform any outfit.  If you do not have a white shirt in your closet, well it is time to invest in a good piece.  Now, just how do you style a white shirt?  Leave the buttons undone? Tie the button down at the waist?  Or do you tuck in a T-shirt underneath?  Here are some chic ways to wear a button down white T-shirt for the seasons ahead.

Jeans and Heels

Jeans are one of the core pieces in most of our wardrobe that we wear on repeat.  To elevate the jeans and white shirt look, add a gold chain necklace and a pair of heels. Do a chic French tuck and leave the top buttons undone.

How to wear a button-down shirt with jeans and heels

Leggings and Sports Bra

Since last year, many of us have been staying at home for social distancing and we are practically living in leggings.  Still, there are ways to make the leggings look more polished than a regular workout or stay-at-home look.  Add a pair of low heels and leave the button down shirt open to highlight the waist.

How to wear a button-down shirt with a sports bra and leggings

Cropped Trousers and Heels

The white blouse and cropped trousers are simple yet incredibly polished look. If the weather is slightly chilly where you are, just tie a sweater around your shoulders for extra warmth.

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Crop Top, Denim and Sneakers

A longer white shirt is quite chic when left unbuttoned with a crop top or bandeau and high-waisted, distressed jeans.

How to wear a white shirt and jeans

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