How To Style Like Your Favorite Hip Hop Celebrities

Many people idolize hip hop artists and want to follow their trendy fashion and jewelry choices.  If you are also a fan of hip hop jewelry, it is time to update your collection because the hip hop jewelry trend is changing fast.  Below are some of the trending rapper jewelry and tips on how to style them.

Iced-Out Jewels

Hip hop artists often embraced the bigger is better attitude and the more bling, the better. Iced-out pieces also known as diamond-encrusted pieces like mens pendants or rings are highly popular and worn among hip hop’s finest artists.  One of the top hip hop artists in the world, Jay Z is often seen wearing his diamond encrusted Yankee ring that he included in his song ‘New York’.

Iced Flying Eagle Pendant

Hip Hop Inspired Earrings

Everyone wears earrings in the hip hop game. They have always been popular in the hip hop jewelry market and they add to your whole outfit. From bold suds to custom hoop earrings  for men, there are plenty of options today.

Iced Paved Diamond Stud Earring

Chains for days 

The chunky gold chain or iced chain will always remain prevalent in the hip hop industry.  These days, hip hop artists or fashionable men are getting more creative with their updated chain looks and pendants.  Chains are great for layering on top of one another like miami cuban link chain with stainless steel cuban link chain.  You can wear under or over your shirt but most hip hop artists’ tend to wear them over their outfit.

Iced 14mm Miami Cuban Chain with Box Clasp in White Gold

Put it on your wrist

The ultimate hip hop jewelry fan will definitely want to tie their whole look together with iced out watches mens. Hip hop artists such as the rapper ‘Fat Joe’ wears iced out watch wherever he goes.  Try to match the tone of your watch to the tone of your outfit.

Where to Buy

Helloice is a trusted name when it comes to jewelry and they carry many high quality jewelry options.  They are an excellent choice for many jewelry styles and also offer some customizable pieces as well.

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