The Next Ugly Shoe Trend That You Can’t Ignore

What? Another “ugly” shoe trend you asked?  Yes, you are right.  Between the Birkenstock slides and the dad’s sandals that are all the rage since 2020, there is a clear trend happening with comfortable footwear that even your podiatrist would approve. As many of us are leaving the house more often, it make senses that slippers, loafers and slides are getting popular because they can be easily worn at home or out.  So, here is the new shoe trend that everyone is wearing right now – Recovery Slides.  These slides offer an easy to wear style that is super comfortable and provide support after exercising.  Now that the concept of wellness is taking off, recovery slides are in high demand.  This is where fashion and function collide.

Many shoe brands are reimagining the rubber slides as a fashion-forward take on these slides like Yeezy and Balenciaga.  On the more athletic side, Hoka One One has a range of recovery slides specifically for runners to wear when they are not running. Expect to see more of these slides incorporated in the day-to-day attire this year.  You will be seeing cloud-like cushion soles that are available in an array of creamy neutrals and fun bright hues.  Trust us, your feet will thank you for them.  Summer slides are essential in any shoe closet, and in 2021, fashion girls are upgrading theirs to these cloud-like styles. Ahead are the trending recovery slides.

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The comfy slides are quickly replacing sneakers for quick coffee runs and errands.  They make loungewear look chic.

Adidas Yeezy Bone Slides

Adidas Yeezy


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Sootheez Slippers

Soothez Slippers

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Cushionaire Feather Recovery Pool Slide Sandals

Cushionaire Feather Recovery Pool Slide Sandals

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