What To Wear In 90 Degree Weather

While we all look forward to summer, some days are just too hot and the sweat inducing heat makes going out a chore.  The last thing that we all want to think about is what to wear when the extreme temperature is here.  All we want is trying to keep cool and figuring what to throw on in the midst of 90 degree weather without compromising style for comfort is easier said than done.  The next best thing to wearing a bathing suit out, here is a look at what some fashion girls are wearing in those warm sunshine days albeit unbearable humidity.  

These outfits, whether it is simple tank, a sundress or a pair of loose trousers, will help you stay cool and refreshed as you go about your day without feeling sticky all over.  

Mango top

Add a retro vibe to your summer with a crochet top (from Mango) which has become a go-to trend for fashion people. It is an airier alternative to knits, so it is less that you will sweat when the sun’s up.

ACNE Studios Crochet Skirt

This crochet skirt from ACNE Studio is great as a cover-up on the beach or as a look for a day out in the country. Pair it with a poplin shirt for a more urban vibe.

Loose pants is a good choice for hot summer days when looking put-together is the main objective. It might be a good idea to swap the leggings with these pants since it is a wider cut and will let your legs breathe.  Pair it with a cutout bodysuit for an effortless chic look that will also keep you cool. 

Have a lunch date on a blistering, hot day? Wear a soft and flowy dress (from Mango) to get a fresh look without putting in too much thought. 

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