Bella Hadid’s Necklace At The Cannes Film Festival

Bella Hadid is known for her chic outfits and every look she has is eye-catching in its own way.  She was at the Cannes Film Festival earlier today and rocked a Schiaparelli Haute Couture long sleeved black dress that does not need a neckline.  According to the Schiaparelli website, the dress is made of wool crepe. Bella has on a massive brass necklace that features the shape of human lung’s pulmonary veins with rhinestones and this necklace covered her chest.  This gilded brass statement necklace indeed made heads turn.  Adding to the glamourous look were a pair of glittering earrings and sophisticated heeled sandals. Fashion fans and viewers were blown away by her look.

Here is a glimpse of Hadid on the red carpet.

bella hadid

bella hadid

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