Cool Denim Jackets You Need This Fall

The denim jacket season is upon us again.  Denim jacket trend has been popular for a long time and with fashion being unpredictable, people started to wear them less and less.  Other jacket styles like a shirt jacket, crops or blazers took over and now denim jackets are starting to make an appearance into the spotlight.

The denim jackets that we have been seeing were kind of boring and for 2021, the versions are reworked with cool collars, oversized and colored.  Below are some of the interesting denim jackets on the market that you may want to check out for fall.

Interesting denim jacket

Two toned denim jacket (image from

GANNI Heavy Denim Jacket

Ruffled collar heavy denim jacket from GANNI

Cool denim jacket

Image from

Want some 80s vibe?  Check out this blazer collar and puffed sleeves on this jacket.  Just so you know, all things ’80s are still trending.

Fancy denim jacket

A fancy denim jacket from Levi x Miu Miu that is adorned with jewels and pretty lace collar.

Veronica Beard Jean Roz Drawstring Peplum Jacket

This drawstring denim is so unique and it is definitely going to be a hit this Fall.

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