The Next It Sneakers For 2021

Being comfortable never goes out of style and as such, investing in sneakers is always a good idea. A pair of sneakers is a wardrobe essential for everyone. The best kind of sneakers for women are those that are versatile and stylish enough to incorporate with your weekday style and comfortable enough that you look forward to slipping them on. They are also classy enough to give you a boost of confidence during work meetings and cozy enough to fall back on for those days that you are unsure what to wear.

Recently, supermodel Bella Hadid was spotted leaving a gym in New York City wearing an oversize Nike polo shirt as a dress, mid-calf athletic socks, and a pair of bright-red Salomon hiking-and-running sneakers. This pair is called the XT-4 Advanced Sneakers that features a drawstring closure and it costs just under $250. The exact design sold out almost immediately after Hadid was spotted wearing it. There are still many other shades available on the market if you want to get your hands on them.

Bella Hadid's Under-$250 Sneakers Are Soon to Be the Next It Shoes

Besides Hadid, this outdoorsy sneaker has also received stamps of approval by the fashion It girls.  They were spotted pairing tiny cardigans, miniskirts, dresses and low-rise cargo pants with Saloman sneakers.

Michelle Li in a Blue Dress and Salomon Sneakers


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