Top Fall/Winter Trends For 2021

Having been in a lockdown for a year and a half, the world is slowly opening up again. With many months being inside, fashion is roaring back to life after being disrupted by the pandemic. Amidst a year full of comfortable loungewear, life is slowly going back to some normalcy. The fashion world went digital during the pandemic but now, the designers are returning with live runway filled with bright colors and prints that express vibrancy. As the new season is here, social calendars are filling up with everyone itching to dress up and go out. That said, comfortable pieces are still not going out and they are now elevated and getting amped up with accessories. While we are still in the early stages of fall, there are several street style trends emerging.

If you are ready to embrace the fun side of fashion, here are some of the top trends for fashion’s favorite season – Fall 2021 that are available at Kameymall, a fast growing large-scale online retail store that aims to help consumers feel comfortable shopping online.

Dark Denim

Step into the season right in dark denim.  This ensemble exudes effortless styling with a subtle laidback feel. It is perfect for a fun day out or an evening drink with friends. This high waist dark denim mom jeans style gives an elongated silhouette.  You can pair it with a flowy shirt or a T-shirt tucked in.

Oversized Vest

The runways for the past several seasons have been peppered by this preppy classic style.  For this year, sweater vest are showing up all over the Instagram feeds and TikTok style videos thus making them cool. There is a sweater vest to match every style out there, no matter if you want to look cute while staying comfortable or looking like your usual chic self. Go now and check out this knitted vest. Pair it with a white button shirt and skirt or a wide-legged jeans for a 70’s vibe.

Crop Jacket

Cropped jackets could well become the next statement piece this Fall/Winter.  This style is another throwback from the 90’s and has taken the runways by storm. Designers have incorporated them into matching pants for a streamlined look. Cropped jackets can be dress up with trousers or dress down by matching it with a white t-shirt and sneakers.

Knit Dresses

Knitwear is synonymous with Fall/Winter and it is not even a surprise that maxi knit dresses are having their moment.  Body-hugging knit dresses and its warm texture will ensure a snug fit.  They are great casual or formal attire. Layer neutral tones or minimalist hues with strappy sandals, sneakers or knee boots for a chic Fall style.

Bright Colors

Ever since the pandemic arrived and the world was in lockdown, this new season is in need of a burst of color. Bright colors are back and these hues like fuschia are actually an instant mood booster. Pair them with neutrals in camel, grey, or ivory to make a statement.

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