Refresh Your Wardrobe For A Style Overhaul

The past two years have been a unique time for everyone. How we work and who can interact with or allowed to see have changed. What we wear every day has also faced a big transformation.  We were practically in our loungewear, pjs or athleisure outfit most of the time.  On a positive note, staying at home gave us more time to evaluate what we really need in our closets.  Now that we have just stepped into the new, it is the perfect time to figure out what should stay and what should go.

It is easier than you think to put together some classic and timeless pieces that we can turn to over and over again.  Many of us tend to get caught up in trends, but really there is no need to follow the trend aimlessly.  Fashion trends come but what we really need is to have simple timeless pieces that are versatile and can bring us joy. Denim, classic tees, little black dress, blazers and cheap sweaters for women are on the list of classic must-haves.

To make your life easier, ahead are some of the items that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Basic Tees

Classic tees are a wardrobe essentials.  Just throw on a white and match it with your favorite skirt, denim or jacket and you are good to go. Basic tees in white, black, navy or grey are perfect for pairing with any outfits.  You can never go wrong with tees.


Denim jeans are indeed a true classic. You would need a few favorite pairs of high-quality and comfortable jeans.  They can be dressed up or dressed down effortlessly. Do include a wide variety of shades in your jean wardrobe such as light, medium, dark, and a black jean.


Button-down shirts are great for looking professional while still being casual. These tops are really good for any occasions.  Just tuck it in and pair with a nice pair of pants and a statement belt to look sleek and professional. For casual look, layer it over a cami and pair with your weekend jeans and sneakers.

Sweater or Cardigan

Throw a cardigan over your favorite -shirt and pair with jeans and boots, and you have got yourself an amazing outfit. Cardigans are an absolute essential piece all year round.  You can even wear in during the cold summer nights or when the air-conditioning is blasting. There are many choices when it comes to cheap sweaters for women. A lightweight sweater or cardigan is chic and practical.

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