Staple Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe 2022

Do you often look to fashion influencers, stylists or celebrities for inspiration on how to style the classics?  If you do, you may have noticed a few trendy staples that they all seemed to own no matter their style, role or location. Here are a couple of stylish staples that these women from Los Angeles to Montreal have in common.  


A muted neutral tone suit is what many fashion people have been wearing on repeat. Menswear-inspired dressing is the rage right now and a muted suit is definitely a key closet staple that is timeless and always in season. This trend is all about simplicity.  Just add a few jewelry staples and let the tailoring speak for itself. 

Leather Separates

There is one staple that stylish women often wear and is the faux leather. Of course genuine leather can instantly elevate any outfit, but when buttery-soft and high-quality faux leather is available, who needs the real thing?

faux leather staples

Tops With Collars

Whether it is a classic pullover sweater or a thin bodysuit, there is something about the addition of a collar to a basic top that really adds a little something extra.

Matching Knit Sets

Whether it is a knit skirt-and-sweater duo or our sweater-and-sock combo, there is nothing better than cozying up in this knit outfit that is easy, chic, and comfy enough.

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