Choose The Perfect Ring For Your Wedding

After the engagement comes the wedding. If you are ready to say I Do this year then you have come to the right place. It can be a perplexing time to figure out what are the best wedding rings. As these bands are precious jewelry for a marriage, due care and consideration are needed to select them. In order to relieve you from the stress and confusion when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding rings, ahead are some tips that can help you make a quick buying decision and the best place to shop for them is at at Shesaidyes, a well-known top online jeweler that has a wide range of beautifully hand-crafted high-end jewelry at very competitive prices

Budget – It is important to set a budget for the wedding rings at an early stage. When you know how much you are going to spend on the rings, it will be easier to keep the budget in place. According to jewelry experts, a good figure would be around three to five percent of the wedding budget to be kept aside for the rings.

Spare Some Wedding Preparation Time On Rings – Buying wedding rings can take up a lot of time so to avoid any hustle, it is good to buy the rings in advance. Two to three month prior to the wedding will make things a lot easier. You will have ample time to customize the rings, engraving and sizing.

"You Mean the World to Me" Classic Wedding Ring

Rings That Complement Engagement Rings – Many women like to wear their engagement rings together with their wedding rings. If you plan to do the same, you may want to choose rings that match the existing engagement ring.  If you have a classy engagement ring, you may prefer a simple band. If your engagement ring was simple, then you can choose a diamond ring for that extra sparkle.  A shadow wedding band also blends well with the existing ring. Do ensure that the metals for the matching rings are the same. Alternatively, you can buy new design wedding rings.

Rings That Are Easy To Resize – As wedding rings are worn for a lifetime, couples may want to take note on the resizing part. There may be times when the ring would be tight due to workout or temperature or the fingers shrinking in winter and become loose. Women may also gain weight during pregnancy and lose the weight after the baby has arrived. Look for wedding rings with central diamond and minimal design as oppose to a wedding band with diamonds across as they are easier to resize. It is recommended that you choose a ring that is half a size more than your actual ring size.

Wedding Rings That Suit Your Lifestyle – Every couple should choose wedding bands that complement their lifestyle. For those who may have a high chance of knocking the rings on surfaces or metals should not choose diamond rings. People who type a lot may not be suitable with big diamonds or rings with intricate designs.

Timeless Design – Classic solitaire wedding rings or plain bands are timeless designs. Couples often choose this design for comfort and convenience. It would be good to buy wedding rings that show eternal love like a heart wedding ring. This design showcases timeless love and is ideal for any couples. Choosing wedding rings that display long lasting reunion but still look on trend is a tried and tested formula.

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