Trending Tops To Wear With Baggy Jeans

Are you ready for the best season of the year? It is none other than the season of cute tops. After months of covering up in jackets and coats, it time to show off your favorite tops. This season’s hottest denim trend is the baggier silhouette and styling it can be a bit tricky as you need to balance the proportions.

One important rule to always remember when it comes to styling is when wearing a bottom that has more volume, it is best to pair it with a fitted top and vice versa. However this does not mean that you cannot pair a baggy jeans with an oversized top and as a matter of fact, a slightly over sized button down shirt goes well with baggy jeans too. If you are not too sure, it is always safe to go with the combination of a fitted top and baggy pants.

Here are some seriously cute tops to pair with loose jeans. From corsets to strapless styles, below are some of the best spring tops to wear with baggy jeans.

DISSH Carrie Stone Bandeau Knit Top

Bandeau Knit Top

Zimmermann Wonderland Floral Corset

Zimmerman Floral Corset Top

Reformation Cello Knit Top

Asymmetrical Cello Knit Top from Reformation

Mango Ribbed Cotton-Blend Top - Women

Ribbed Cotton Blend from Mango

Here are some inspiration on how to style an over sized shirt with baggy jeans

Mango Striped Cotton Oversized Shirt

Mango Striped Shirt

Helsa Cotton Poplin Stripe Oversized Shirt

Poplin Striped Over sized Shirt

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