Tackle Your Fitness Goal In Style With Iron Panda

Searching for workout clothes and gear that are functional and also great looking can be rather challenging. functional but still look great used to be quite the challenge. In the past, baggy T-shirts and worn-out sweatpants were the norm for working out but now, it is all about combining style and performance while crushing your fitness goal.

It is true that when you look good, you feel good. Once you start dressing a little better while working out, it can give you a bit of confidence and motivation to perform better. The best workout clothes on the market feature a combination of technical specs and fashion. There are many options when it comes to women’s and men’s gym clothes. That being said, with the many options available it can be a little overwhelming to find the best activewear.

In order to help make your shopping a little easier, here are some of the best workout clothes from Panda Fitness that will have you looking and performing your best.

Animal Wash Gym Shirt

Made with cotton and spandex, here is a tee that is comfortable enough to take on your workouts and enhances your biceps and shoulders. It has an elongated scoop bottom to give your body the V look.

GymHub Scoop Bottom Tank

Featuring an aesthetic design with the words Gym Hub, this tank is cut deeper on the shoulders to show off the delts from all angles. Made with soft cotton and stretchy lycra fabric, it is lightweigth and slightly loose to enable easy heavy lifting. The dropped arm holes ensure that you stay cool no matter if you are lifting weights or doing cardio.

Panda Fitness also has a range of gym wear for women that are ultra comfortable, light and offers plenty of room to get you through any exercise.

Tri Rocker Tank

This Tri Rocker workout tank is cut deeper on the shoulders to show off the toned arms and is very soft and comfortable to wear. This tank has just the right amount of room and it is not too droopy or overexposing. It is light and airy enough to wear to the gym or lounge at home.

Panda Fitness offers gym wear in many designs that will stand out in any fitness class or gym.

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