Try A Different Kind Of Shorts This Summer

When the temperature rises, one of the things that many women reach out for when getting dresses are denim shorts. This is a classic warm weather staple and if you are searching for fresh outfit style inspiration this season, you may want to take a look at the French style. There are several alternatives to denim shorts that are making rounds in the social media feeds. 

The French are synonymous with effortless style and ahead are what the French girls are wearing on repeat instead of denim shorts.  

Pajama Inspired Pants

There has been a rising trend of women across the industry wearing the pj inspired pants. The striped drawstring trousers above are similar to pajama pants but they look anything but homebound, especially when paired with ballet flats or heeled sandals and a pair of sunglasses.

H&M Pants With Drawstring

Tailored Shorts

Tailored staples will give you a polished look and when the summer arrives, that means trading those tailored trouser for above the knee tailored shorts that look chic AF. 

Madewell Harlow Shorts

Track Shorts

It is likely that you have spotted retro sportswear all over your social media feeds. Yes, retro sportswear trend is highly popular and not to be missed are the track shorts. Time to add every color to your cart. 

Drawstring Shorts

Drawstring shorts are effortless and this style is gaining ground among this fashion. They are perfect for holidays and beyond.

Mango Linen Shorts With Drawstring

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