Non Skinny Jeans That Will Be All The Rage In 2024

There is no doubt about it that skinny jeans have met their demise in the past few years. Everywhere you go, you will be able to see denims looking more and more relaxed. This is the reason why non-skinny jeans are officially the go-to style for many fashion people. Well, if you still love the skinnies, you do you.

However if you are not a fan of skinny jeans, well you are going to be reaching out for a pair of barrel-leg jeans. The new wave of non-skinny jeans is not what you imagine like those ultra-baggy and shapeless style. As a matter of fact, it is more of a wide, tapered fit denim. They are the balloon jeans that actually have a shape and structure to them. Some denim brands have already come out with some standout pairs defining this look.

Keep scrolling to get inspiration on how to style them along the way.

Citizens of Humanity Horseshoe Jeans that features a curved wide leg style.

Tibi Sid’s Jean

We The Free Lucky You Mid-Rise Barrel Jeans

Agolde Balloon Wide Leg Jeans

Agolde High Rise Barrel Leg Denim

Raey Drop Organic-Cotton-Blend Low-Rise Baggy Jeans

Raey Drop Organic Low Rise Baggy Jeans

The key to wearing these barrel jeans to pair it with a fitted and structure top. Also known as wide-leg tapered jeans, you may want to look for a shape that is fitted at the waist, flares out at mid-leg and tapers in at the ankle.

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