The 80s Fashion Trend That Stylists Can’t Get Enough Of

Fashion trends are always repeating. Most clothing that we see today is a version of something people have worn before. Some examples are the popular high waisted mom jeans, double-breasted jackets, cropped sweaters or the hair scrunchies that we are seeing everywhere at the moment. These fashion trends are definitely not new.

Right now, there is no secret that fashion trends from the ’80s are having a moment like never before. This era has brought us big hair, fishnets and leg warmers, as well as electric colorways and big inserted shoulder pads on blazers and blouses. There is an ’80s aesthetic for every style preference. Ahead are some of the new ways to wear these iconic styles today.

Leather Jacket + Platform Shoes

The ’80s were a vibrant and glam decade, especially in the music industry. To recreate that iconic glam-rock aesthetic, platform shoes, metallic staples, leather fabrics or faux leather with lots of glittery accents are key.

Sequins + Mini Skirts

For girls’ night out or happy hour, put on a mini skirt decked out in sequins and pair it with bold colored pointed toe pumps, a tucked-in top and chunky gold jewelry for an extra touch of glam.

Oversized Blazers With Shoulder Pads

One of the number one favorite style from the ’80s to wear today is an oversized blazer with big shoulders. If you want something oversized and you have a smaller frame, give this look a try with a defined waistline. Adding a belt will ensure your shape is at the forefront of your look.

Bodysuits + Wide-Leg Jeans + Neon Accents

A bodysuit is a fashion trend from the ’80s that is highly appropriate for any occasion. Try pairing your bodysuit with wide-leg trousers or even a maxi flowy skirt.

Biker Shorts + Graphic Tee + Knee-High Socks

This cool and chic ensemble brings together an array of ’80s trends for a totally original look. Start out with the basics like biker shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Then combine it with knee-high socks and chunky footwear for the ’80s aesthetic.

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