Sexy Prom Dresses 2022

Prom has always been a sweet coming-of-age affair for many high-schoolers. There is quite a hype around prom, a high school event that gets everyone excited. This school homecoming dance is all about making memories and reliving the final days at the alma mater before setting foot in the real world at college.  One of the most beautiful moments in a teenager’s life is when she is twirling around the ballroom dance floor.  Prom has always been the center of every high schoolers’ lives. Thus, to mark the best day of their live, it would only make sense to also wear one of the best prom dresses that are available.

With prom approaching and if you cannot wait to strut into prom in a sultry style dress, it is time to start shopping for a beautiful dress. Finding unique prom dresses can be rather stressful.  Luckily there is online shopping available and it has become a lot easier to browse through a large selection of prom dresses and choose the one that is best suited for you.

As prom dresses can be an investment and a good prom dress can also be worn again at other events, it is worth putting some extra effort while picking out the dress.  It is important to shop from a reliable store that offers beautiful dresses at an affordable price tag.  One such place is at Azazei, an online retail store that is well known for its high-quality dresses that would not put a dent in your pocket.  Ahead are some of the sexy prom dresses with split that are trending this season.

Look alluring and hot at your prom in this satin dress that features a straight across neckline with spaghetti strap. It has a corset bodice design and a mermaid silhouette. You will definitely feel like a goddess.

Dark Green Prom Dress Mermaid Split PD0189 - AZAZEI

You are certain to turn heads when you wear this off shoulder sequin prom dress. It features a sweetheart neckline and drape sleeves. The fitted bodice has zig zag line prints and the mermaid skirt flows down to a train.

Off-the-Shoulder Sequins Mermaid Prom Dress Split PD0479 - AZAZEI

This spaghetti strap long prom dress features a deep V-neckline, empire waist and a cross back.  What’s best is this dress has two side pockets to keep all the important things, leaving your hands free.

Get ready to improve your style and make heads turn, especially when you are wearing the prom dress by Azazei.  Choose from a variety of sexy prom dresses and wear it with confidence.  Their collection has something for every girl, with amazing selection of hues ranging from pastels to trendy bright shades. So hurry and find the dress that would let you shine on prom night.

Easy Way To Get The Perfect Curves

Every woman is born differently.  We have different sizes and shapes.  Most women dream of having the perfect body and there are certain parts of our bodies that we love and embrace, and at the same time, we wish some parts of our body could be better.  A firmer and flatter tummy, smaller waist or perhaps a more perky derriere are just some of the things on our wish list. That said, we can always turn to exercise but at times, we just want an instant change especially when we want to rock our favorite outfit for a dinner or special occasion with confidence.

This is where shapewear comes in.  This amazing undergarment, made with stretchable material, is designed specifically to slim and tuck in all the right places. It can smoothen out the rolls and bumps to create a slimmer silhouette and enhance our natural curves.

Luckily there is a wide range of shapewear available such as a waist trainer vest that can help flatten the midsection and complement your workout routine, butt lifter shapewear to give the booty a lift, mid-thigh shaper pants that sculpts the tummy and thighs.  If you are in the market for shapewear and are unsure where to start, choosing the perfect piece of shapewear can be a bit daunting. Read on to discover the different shapewear types Sculptshe offers that can help you achieve the perfect curves.

High Waist Shaper Panty

This high waist shaper panty wraps around the tummy area and hips. It offers a  sensual look and a defined hourglass figure. This shaping panty features spiral bones that prevent rolling and is breathable and lightweight.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers or waist cinchers are the ideal garments that help to help sculpt and define the waist. Made with different styles and compression levels, waist trainers can create a timeless hourglass silhouette.  If you are looking for a plus size waist trainer, you can check out this latex waist trainer that features a front zipper and 3 adjustable hook and loop waist belts for easy compression adjustment and snug fit. There are also 7 steel bones added for more support and to prevent rolling.

Shaping Bodysuits

Full bodysuits offer an all-round shaping effect for a slimmer silhouette. It provides coverage from the bust to the lower bottom area. Bodysuit shapewear is ideal for eliminating the bunching that occurs underneath the bra and toward the top of the panties. These shaping bodysuits make a versatile option that will smooth out your tummy, lift and erase the love handles. This full-body shaper features a reverse zipper design for a seamless look under body hugging clothes. It also has a crotch buckle design for bathroom ease.

Whether it is the best body shaper or waist trainers, Sculptshe has everything you need for your shapewear goals.

Best Place To Buy Prom Suit Online

Prom is fast approaching. Dressing up for prom may seem like a hassle for most guys because of the many styles available.  If you are looking for the right look but feel overwhelmed shopping for prom attire, well don’t worry. When it comes to prom attire for guys, 2022 has a lot to offer. Men’s prom outfits usually stay pretty much the same like tuxedos and ties but this year’s prom styles have a little more to offer. Do scroll ahead to find out what you can get from Acemenswear, a leading men’s fashion platform offering men’s wedding tuxedos, prom outfits, business suits and more.  Their collection is inspired by the latest trends as well as classic styles. From luxurious, velvet suits and trendy printed blazers to classic tuxedos in vibrant, rich colors, these suave prom suits fully fit the bill.

Ahead are some of the trending prom suit styles for men that can set you apart from the pack.

Looking for a simple suit that does double duty?  This sharp royal blue number is an investment that is worth the price tag.

If you are going for a more chill prom vibe, get yourself a cool green suit. It is a laid-back option perfect for any occasion, whether prom or others.

Jewel tones are always a popular option at prom, but this pink prom suit set feels super unique.

Timeless and classic, this sleek two-piece with notch lapel will match perfectly in photos.

Whether you are shopping for prom suits or wedding suits, Acemenswear has got what you need.

Check Out These Spring Wardrobe Essentials For 2022

There are several key items that could easily be considered staples among the fashion crowd this season. If you were to scroll through Instagram or TikTok for some outfit ideas, there is a huge chance that you would be seeing these items over and over again. These essential or wardrobe staples can be styled in many ways and also worn for different occasions.

Not only are they trendy, but these staples are also versatile and have classic designs to let you wear season after season. One of them is the relaxed button-down shirt that makes the list as a staple to be worn with jeans, over a tank top or a sleeveless dress or as a beach cover-up alternative. Keep scrolling for more on essentials for the style crowd.

Maxi Dresses

Spring dresses are usually mini or maxi designs. For this season maxi dresses reign supreme. It is a go-to for fashion people because of the chic and easy-to-style nature right now. Maxi dresses are also a great choice for transitional weather with a jacket or other layers.

The Best 2022 Dress Trends

Loose Jeans

This denim trend continues to make the list as a top staple among trendsetters because of its easy and chic nature. Loose jeans will just make any ensemble feel cool.

Madewell Baggy High Waist Straight Leg Jeans

The Oversized Shirt

The oversize button-down shirt is a tried-and-true basic. That ideal style brings an element of elegance and polish to an outfit. Plus, the relaxed shirt can easily be dressed up or down to suit your needs.

Easy Outfits French Girls in Paris Are Wearing

Oversized Moto Jacket

In the outerwear realm, there are a few top silhouettes that have moved to the front. Yes, oversize moto jackets are one of the said styles. This jacket cut took over the spring runways, and it is currently taking over the fashion crowd as well.

H&M Patent Biker Jacket

Easy Birthday Decorations At Home

It has always been a common thing to have birthday parties at home and more so now than before due to the pandemic. Besides finding the perfect gift, baking or buying a birthday cake, you have to decorate the home for the celebration. Whether you are planning on throwing a big birthday bash or just want a small celebration with a group of friends and family, or a low-key celebration for 2 people, you cannot go wrong with balloons. They are the classic essentials and party highlighters.

Decorations are the ones that set the tone of the party. They make the birthday boy/girl feel appreciated. With fun decorative items around, the guests embrace the party spirit and enjoy the event. Not only do they brighten up birthday parties, but birthday balloon decoration is also fun and easy to put together. The bright and colorful balloons are an ideal choice for any birthday party.  They are synonymous with celebrations and come in different colors, sizes and shapes.  There are foil and latex balloons in heart shapes, star shapes, elongated and also in letter forms. You can also find balloons that are air-filled, helium-filled or with LED.

Here are some tips on how to host a memorable bash for your family or your best friends by incorporating balloons in your decor.

  • Create a festive backdrop by sticking the balloons on the wall.
  • Use helium balloons and hang photos of the birthday boy or girl from the ribbons. This is a great way to create a photo tribute.
  • Tying balloons to favor bags is a great way to make the birthday memorable and festive.
  • Get big balloons and wrap them with tulle.  It is a fun and exciting way to decorate a romantic or girly celebration.

Another wonderful idea for decoration is a balloon arch. The balloon arch decor is classy, beautiful and can be used as a backdrop against the table, photo booth and etc.  It is a great accent for the wall to create a festive atmosphere.  Highly versatile, they can work with the layout of many different spaces and venues. Below are some of the captivating balloon arch from xmastwinklestar. This online store specializes in a range of balloon decorations, Christmas decorative items as well as patio lights to take your next celebration over the top.



Besides birthday celebrations, balloons can also be used to decorate baby showers, weddings, company’s events and many more. So (click here) and get all the essentials you need to decorate your home for the perfect birthday party like never before!

2021 Trends That Will Last Until 2022

It is not fun to buy something only to see it goes out of style a year later.  We all want the things that have staying power especially the trendy ones.  Well fret now because here are some of the trends that are hot right now and we can still wear them well into 2020 and beyond.

Baguette Bags

Baguette bags are one of the favorite bag trends of all time. These bags oozes the ’90s vibes and they work equally well for day and night.

Baguette bag trend

Oversized Button Down Shirt

 It does not get more timeless than a button-down shirt.  Fashion girls are currently wearing them untucked and partially buttoned.  It is a cool and effortless look.

11 Fresh Ways to Wear a Button-Down Shirt

Crochet Tops

Crochet is a big trend this summer, thanks to the cottagecore aesthetic that has dominated street style for the past year A crochet top offers a retro look with a modern twist.  These are definitely not your grandma’s crochet. It is great to freshen up the wardrobe with fun, colorful pieces with playful texture.

Top Summer 2021, those in crochet are a fashion trend to buy

Terry Cloth

Everyone loves terry cloth because it is easy, cute, and comfortable. As such, this trend is going to stick around for a while.

How to Wear the Terry Cloth Trend in 2021: Shop Throwback 'Towel' Clothes |  Glamour

Keep Hydrated During Workout With Keepto Water Bottle

Exercise and physical activity offer many short and long term benefits like better mood, sleep and improve physical health.  Research has shown that exercise can manage the symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. Such activities like running, and aerobics can raise heart rates and produce endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers, thus alleviate the the symptoms of depression. Exercise has also shown to reduce the negative effect of stress and tension, stabilizing mood and improve self-esteem. It is also very important for people to stay physically active during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For many who are staying at home to social distance and quarantine, exercise such as strength training, HITT workout or using home exercise equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills or elliptical machines can help to keep one active.  There are also many exercise videos on YouTube to try.

One important thing to take note when exercising is to stay hydrated.  Having good hydration is when we get the right amount of water before we begin to exercise, during and after exercise. Water is the best drink to replace lost fluid during exercise. It boasts a wide range of benefits. When we drink enough water, it can help to regulate body temperature, gives us energy and keep us healthy.  If we are not hydrated, our body cannot perform at the peak level.  When our body lacks water, we may experience muscle cramps, tiredness, dizziness and other symptoms.

So how much water should you drink while exercising?  There are no specific rules on how much water to drink while exercising and it depends on individual.  Different people have different sweat rate and it also depends on the humidity and heat in the environment and the duration of the exercise.  Ideally, it would be good to drink between 17 to 20 ounces of water 2 hours before working out.  Then, drink up to 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes of exercise and up to 8 ounces of water 30 minutes after you are done.

One of the best ways to ensure that you do not overlook hydration is to get a water bottle.  This will make you more inclined to sip the water during and after your exercise. The best water bottle to quench your thirst in style is the Keepto Water Bottles.  These water bottle is BPA free, FDA approved and available in several sizes such as 32 oz, 64 oz and 128 oz (1 gallon).  They are also available in an endless array of vibrant colors.

KEEPTO 32oz Water Bottle with Straw - Motivational Water Jugs with Time Marker & Removable Strainer, Fast Flow BPA Free Water Bottle for Fitness, Gym, School and Office

Keepto Water Bottle 32 oz with Removable Straw


Keepto 32oz Water Bottle With Flip Lid and Anti-Slip Design

Keepto half gallon water bottle with piped mouth, sturdy carry handle and carry strap

Keepto 64 oz (Half gallon) Water Bottle with A Lid Lock And Carry Handle

Keepto 1 Gallon Water Bottle With Sturdy Handle and Strap

Keepto Water Bottles are not only good quality, reliable and affordable, they also feature unique inspirational quotes and time marker on the surface of the bottle.  The quotes are to motivate you towards your fitness goal and its time marker is a good reminder for you to drink your water. 

Why Choose Keepto Water Bottles?

Keepto water bottles contain silicone ring as well as silicone plug  as double protection and ensure the bottle is no leak. They are top-notch for comfy, spill-proof sips and chugs.  Say goodbye to water leaking in your backpack or spilling when you knock it over at the gym.  All Keepto water bottles are wide mouth, feature a removable soft silicone straw that allows you to enjoy spill-proof sipping and have a fruit/tea strainer for those who love adding fruit the water.  The strainer will ensure that they are not stuck on the straw when drinking.  The Keepto water bottles come with a sponge that can reach the bottom  when washing as well as a handy straw cleaner. The water bottles are lightweight, ergonomically designed and have double scale measurement.  The durable straps make them easier to be carried around to a variety of activities such as the gym, running, hiking, cycling and more.

If you are looking for a water bottle that is as fun as it is functional, Keepto water bottle designs are a crowd favorite.  These top-rated water bottles also make a great gift if you have a outdoorsy person on your gifting list.

How To Style Like Your Favorite Hip Hop Celebrities

Many people idolize hip hop artists and want to follow their trendy fashion and jewelry choices.  If you are also a fan of hip hop jewelry, it is time to update your collection because the hip hop jewelry trend is changing fast.  Below are some of the trending rapper jewelry and tips on how to style them.

Iced-Out Jewels

Hip hop artists often embraced the bigger is better attitude and the more bling, the better. Iced-out pieces also known as diamond-encrusted pieces like mens pendants or rings are highly popular and worn among hip hop’s finest artists.  One of the top hip hop artists in the world, Jay Z is often seen wearing his diamond encrusted Yankee ring that he included in his song ‘New York’.

Iced Flying Eagle Pendant

Hip Hop Inspired Earrings

Everyone wears earrings in the hip hop game. They have always been popular in the hip hop jewelry market and they add to your whole outfit. From bold suds to custom hoop earrings  for men, there are plenty of options today.

Iced Paved Diamond Stud Earring

Chains for days 

The chunky gold chain or iced chain will always remain prevalent in the hip hop industry.  These days, hip hop artists or fashionable men are getting more creative with their updated chain looks and pendants.  Chains are great for layering on top of one another like miami cuban link chain with stainless steel cuban link chain.  You can wear under or over your shirt but most hip hop artists’ tend to wear them over their outfit.

Iced 14mm Miami Cuban Chain with Box Clasp in White Gold

Put it on your wrist

The ultimate hip hop jewelry fan will definitely want to tie their whole look together with iced out watches mens. Hip hop artists such as the rapper ‘Fat Joe’ wears iced out watch wherever he goes.  Try to match the tone of your watch to the tone of your outfit.

Where to Buy

Helloice is a trusted name when it comes to jewelry and they carry many high quality jewelry options.  They are an excellent choice for many jewelry styles and also offer some customizable pieces as well.

Worst Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Are you a huge denim and shoe fan?  Jeans and shoes are just some of the most loved and most worn items in many women’s closets. However, which one pairs well together is another story.  With so many styles out there, there are many possible combinations but not all of them work well together.   There are certain silhouettes and lengths that do not work with certain shoe styles.

Want to know what works and what doesn’t?   Ahead are some of the pairings to avoid.

Baggy Jeans

Jeans that are on the baggier side especially if they are looser and long should not be paired with mules that cover a lot of the foot.  This look would cut you off especially if you do not have the height.  Baggy jeans look better with some foot visible like a pair of barely-there sandals.

Who What Wear Freya Sandal

Freya Sandal from Nordstrom

Also, do avoid wearing cropped jeans with ankle boots because the proportions look off. Instead, pt for a cool mule.

Flared Jeans

Long flared jeans with sneakers do not look well together. This type of jeans looks better with heeled boots, pumps, or sandals.

MARC FISHER LTD Yale Chelsea Boot, Main, color, 009

Yale Chelsea boots from Nordstrom

Wide-Legged Jeans

They are the perfect jeans to wear with low-block heels (or something even higher) to take full advantage of their leg-lengthening effects.

Jaggar Square Heel Sandals

Jaggar Square Heels from Shopbop

Cropped Jeans

Pairing cropped jeans with ankle boots looks pretty awkward with the amount of leg that emerges between the jeans’ hem and the boots. Instead, wear either flat or heeled mules with jeans.

Image 4 of TEXTURED HEELED MULES from Zara

Zara Textured Heeled Mule

How To Dress According To Your Body Shape – Apple Shape

Apple-shaped women have a heavier mid-section, broad shoulders and wider torso.  These women also have thinner arms and legs with flatter derriere that is narrower than the bust area.  For a person with apple-shaped figure, it is a good idea to draw attention away from the middle section by directing the focus elsewhere such as the upper body or legs.  Another way is to create more definitions in the waistline.  A great asset for this shape is the legs so don’t be afraid to show them off.

What To Wear

Shorter length and high-waisted shorts will draw attention to the legs.  Avoid anything that cut low at the waist as this may create a “muffin top” that can negatively accentuate your middle section. Focusing on your legs will help add more balance to your look. Wear pants with back pockets to create a definition to enhance your flatter bottom.  Wear pants that are denim a trouser cut or boot cut style. Darker colors in jeans are best.  Avoid super skinny styles will make your upper body appear more round.

High waist straight jeans - Medium plane

High Waist Straight Cut Jeans from Mango

Wear shirts that flow or expand at the waist like a peplum. V-necks and plunging necklines can lengthen your body. Strapless, scoop or tops with narrow bodices draw the eye to your bust and elongate the upper body.  Avoid high necklines and off-the-shoulder tops that can make your shoulders appear broader. Also avoid boxy, baggy or formless tops as they make you look larger.

Organic cotton shirt - Medium plane

Mango cotton shirt

High heels such as platform and wedges are a great way to elongate your legs or pair nude sandals with shorts to create even more length. Avoid heavy boots, kitten heels, or any shoes that make your legs look smaller and draw more attention to the waist.

Esparto leather sandals - Article without model

Esparto Leather Sandals From Mango