Cool Gift Ideas For Men 2021

One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is giving a gift that the receiver loves.   If you have a tactical fan in your gifting list, then you are in luck.   Shopping for a tactical guy is a lot of fun and there is a wide range of tactical clothing that makes a wonderful gift.  Why tactical clothing?  Menswear fashion has always been inspired by different sources.  Sports and outdoor interests play a big part in making men’s style what it is today and that includes the military too. The clothes worn by the military is based on uniformity and practicality.  Every piece worn by a soldier whether it is a pair of combat boots or camouflage cargo pants serves a purpose.  The military-style has offered the fashion industry with utilitarian inspiration. 

No matter if it is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other occasions, here is a list of the best tactical clothing and accessories gift ideas for men that will surely inspire you for the next gifting plan.  

Whether he is a hiker or an enforcement officer or someone who just loves tactical clothing, this pair of army green tactical pants is designed for practicality, comfort and durability.  Features large pocket for all the must-have kit, it is ready to support all sorts of hobbies and activities.

Here is a breathable and comfortable fitted tactical shirt that will make a great gift for a paintball player, hiker, or outdoorsmen in general.  Designed for fast-paced, high-intensity activity.

This hooded insulated jacket is a great thing to have in the wardrobe.  Its stylish design and warming properties including its quick-drying windproof material make it an ideal layering piece for the cold wind and also as a standalone jacket in spring and autumn.

Camouflage is the go-to military print for those looking for a fashionable edge. Although it may not be office-appropriate, camo tactical shirts do work for smart-casual occasions like this camouflage outdoor tactical T-shirt made with quick-drying material. 

The tactical-loving guy will survive the harshest conditions with this waterproof tactical backpack. Durable, high-density fabric combines with water-resistant materials to keep the belongings safe and dry. Featuring heavy-duty zippers and double-stitching, this bag is very durable. The breathable, padded shoulder straps and back panel make carrying the load easy and the multiple compartments help keep things organized. This bag is the perfect gift for any man who enjoys outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, or trekking, not to mention, daily use.

Find the perfect gift for any occasion and save some cash in the process with tactical items from Wayrates, a leading premium online brand specializing in affordable apparel for outdoor activities.

Winter Accessory That You Need To Make Your Outfit Shine

Eventhough we are bundled up in many layers to keep warm this winter, we need to have some accessories to make the outfit shine.  Accessories bring out the extra side in everyone and it is the best way to jazz up an outfit without really doing much.  This season, add in a hat, earrings, socks or hair accessory to your cold weather outfit and you will be turning heads when you go for your grocery run, social distancing walk or even zoom meeting at home.

Without further ado, scroll on to discover a few of the trendy winter accessories that are super affordable.

Beaded Jewelry

With quirky beads and bright color combinations, the beaded jewelry trend is sure to break through the winter blues without breaking your bank.

Urban Outfitters Angel Beaded Bracelet

Urban Outfiters Beaded Bracelet $8

Fuzzy Bucket Hat

Instead of the plain bucket hat, why not get a textured faux fur topper that is as cozy as it looks?

Urban Outfitters Gia Bucket Hat

Gia Bucket Hat From Urban Outfitter $15

Hair Claws

There has been an explosion of pretty hair claws in an array of colors and patters.  They are easy to wear and you can say goodbye to bad hair day.

Mango Hairclip Set

Knee-High Socks

If you have been seeing pleated mini skirts and sweater vests on your IG feeds, you know that the school aesthetic is overwhelmingly popular this year.  It is time to embrace another the academic vibe – knee-high socks. Show them off with a pair of loafers or wear them as a layer underneath knee-high boots.

Over the knee socks from Urban Outfitters $16


Vintage inspired chains are back and you can get plenty of cheaper buys that offer the same look as the designer ones.  These belts are perfect for layering over coats and sweaters.

Zara Metal Stretch Belt

Zara Metal Stretch Belt $26

Charm Bracelets Make A Good Gift For Friends Or Loved Ones

Some people like to purchase charms to commemorate milestones or events.  There are others who love the creativity of putting together their own personalized bracelet.  Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special this Valentine’s Day, a birthday coming up soon, or you just want to get a stylish accessory for yourself, then a charm bracelet is the perfect option.  Charm bracelet is a bracelet with a number of charms or trinkets attach to it and very often, these charms are related to special occasions, life events or something that interests the wearer which results in a custom piece of jewelry.   The charms come in various shapes, designs and sizes to create a piece of stylish jewelry.

There is an abundance of different designs to suit one’s taste.  If you have an anime enthusiast on your gift-giving list or you are a huge anime fan, then you will be glad to know that you can get anime charms for bracelets now.  Below are some of the anime charms that you can find at Gnoce, a well-known online jewelry retailer with an abundance of charm designs to choose from.  Gnoce aims to offer unique and delicate jewelry at a competitive price.

The cute charm from the highly popular Sarah Scribbles comic series

Charm is made of sterling silver plated with 18K gold.

You can choose a bracelet and take a look at the movie charms to build or personalized the charm bracelet.  If you are looking to create your own charm bracelet, you may want to start with a few charms and from there you can add to your collection.

Anime jewelry is a must-have for die-hard fans and this gift will definitely make their jaw drop.

If you are getting a gift for someone you love, who already owns a charm bracelet, the charms movies are the perfect option for a loving and thoughtful gift. But if you are looking to offer an entirely new charm bracelet or looking for a piece of jewellery to add to your own collection, you can create the perfect charm bracelet with a basic bracelent in gold, silver or rose gold and then add the charms that you prefer.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

Valentine’s Day is just a month away.  Have you planned what gift to get for your loved one on this special day? It is a simple, romantic and heartfelt gesture of love that is a testament of your relationship.  The arrival of Valentine’s Day can be nerve-racking. If you have not yet decided what to get, you may want to consider opting for romantic and sweet rings.  Still thinking if it is time you bestow a special Valentine’s Day jewelry gift to your sweetheart, it probably is.   No matter the occasion, jewelry makes a great gift and universally loved.  Jewelry has a place in every wardrobe and is always a welcomed present for women.  Rings are elegant, stylish, and they can express love like nothing else.

If you are not sure what type of rings to get her, well don’t worry.  Just head over to Jeulia, a leading online jeweler that boasts an extensive product selection of fine jewelry pieces that are distinctive and high quality.  Their exclusive range is beautifully crafted by a team of skilled craftsmen and designers.  Take a look at Jeulia Hug Me rings, which is their latest collection of rings that are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Mother’s Day. The Hug Me collection features animals

Crafted in sterling silver, this lovely ring features a shimmering round-cut stone hugged by a cute polar bear figure. Polished to a brilliant shine, this ring honors your loving commitment to each other.

This sterling silver ring features an elephant hugging the white diamond stone.  A gorgeous gift for an elephant lover.

This cute gold balloon unicorn-inspired ring is crafted in sterling silver and is a great ring to add some fun to an everyday style.

Jeulia Hug Me rings will definitely make her jaw drop and will also show off her style, spunk, and unique personality.  Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. So when you select a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart from Jeulia, you will be able to find something that captures the magic of the holiday, something that will show your partner just how much they mean to you.

J Lo Just Wore The 00’s Trend Again

J Lo just caused a stir recently when she was shown wearing an exposed thong pants in public.  Her photo was captured while she was filming a music video in Miami with DJ Khaled.   If you may recall, the exposed thong fashion was popular in the 00’s in the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Jennifer Lopez exposed thong

Who can wear it better than J Lo eh?  Not sure about you but I love the chunky chain necklaces and bracelets that she has on here.   You can find similar ones from FreePeople.

photo via whowhatwear

Biggest Wedding Ring Trend For 2021

Although 2020 has not been the best year if you had been planning to get married, it does not mean that there are no exciting new trends when it comes to wedding rings. Different shapes and styles were seen entering the marketplace. The settings of stone and detailing have also created something a bit different while still retaining that classic look.

The options can seem endless when it comes to wedding ring designs, thus making it near impossible to choose a style you love. But if you are the type of bride who is looking for something a little bit outside the traditional realm of wedding rings, you have come to the right place.  Colored gems are increasing in popularity. Birthstones such as emerald and moonstones are a great way to personalize your ring and are a step away from the norm.

Scroll ahead to find out what is popular on high street and across the internet. As we are facing a pandemic,  most shopping is being done online, and this offers far more choices as well as an opportunity to pick up a good bargain. Here are some of the trends that are popular now and going to be big next year:-

Moonstone rings are highly sought after because of their transparent blue shimmering glow.  When the gemstone is exposed to light, it creates an alluring shimmer and is pleasing to the eye.  Moonstone rings come in a variety of cuts such as pear, oval, marquise, oval and more. They look great in any type of gold, platinum or silver.  The moonstone wedding set above features an approximately 6x8mm pear-shaped moonstone in the center with a petite band.

Emeralds are having a serious moment right now and they are expected to be the “It” stone of 2021. Associated with serenity and new beginnings, emeralds are a symbolic choice for many newlyweds. This luxe stone has been coveted for centuries by Cleopatra, Jackie O, Dakota Johnson and more.  The deep green hues in emerald give a sense of royal elegance like this exquisite emerald wedding set.

People always say that diamonds are forever, but gemstones like alexandrite are just as mysteriously compelling.  The ever-changing hue and rarity of this stone make it extremely special and ideal for brides who want something that is one-of-a-kind.  This alexandrite wedding set features a curved diamond matching band with an approximately 6×8 mm oval cut Alexandrite in the center.  Defintely a beautiful and unique piece.

Whatever your personal jewelry style is, you cannot go wrong with these gemstone wedding set from Penfine, a leading and reputable online jeweler with a wide range of beautiful pieces that are distinctive and high quality.

Spring Trend For 2021 That You Can Start Wearing Now

I am sure we can’t wait for 2021 to get here right?  In the fashion world, there are plenty of fresh and modern trends to look forward to next year. The Spring/Summer 2021 collections are filled with comfortable, creative, and versatile pieces.  One can find plenty of elevated takes on staples,  mood-boosting new colors, and some of the coolest silhouettes. The best thing is that you do not have to wait until next year to sport them.

Below are some of the biggest trends for Spring 2021 that you can easily wear now.  From slouchy and comfortable outfits to luxe house slippers, get ahead of the fashion curve and shop these affordable pieces now.

Zara Ribbed Wool Blend Dress

Zara wool blend dress

The vibrant bubblegum pink is going to be one of the biggest color trends for spring 2021.  You will be seeing them on everything from shirts to dresses. The bright and fun color is highly versatile and goes well with beiges, whites, and grays. Start wearing them in the form of a knit dress, sweater or hoodies.

Mango Faux-Fur Sandals With Buckle

Mango faux-fur slippers

Our love for comfort this year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic that has us working from home or staying at home, has resulted in the rise of the humble house slipper!  Check out the cozy and cool spring collections that we most certainly want to wear out of the house too.

Vans Classic Sneaker

Vans slip-on sneakers

There are some fun prints in the spring collections, and checkerboard is one of them. This pattern is already making waves on Instagram and adds a fun touch to any outfit.

H&M Patterned Mesh Top

H&M Patterned Mesh Top

Second-skin tissue-thin tops are stealing the limelight now. Get one in a playful print to liven up your look.

Halogen® Long Linear Link Chain Necklace

Halogen long link chain necklace

After a few seasons of chunky choker necklaces, we are seeing long necklaces taking center stage in 2021. Whether you go for a statement chain or something more delicate,  they will certainly add a fresh touch to your wardrobe.

Best Photography Backdrop You Can Buy Online

The current pandemic has many of us are spending more time working from home, practicing social distancing or self-quarantine.  The global lockdown means you are stuck at home and have nowhere to go.  With extra time on your hands, you may want to pick up new hobbies such as photography. Most of us are already photographers at some level as we all have smartphones and we take photos all the time with it. Right now is the perfect time to push those skills to the next level.

With the holiday season approaching, many of us will be capturing memories at home.  You can be prepared to create those memories by setting up your own photo studio at home. Whether you are a planning to take your photography skill to the next level  or you are a professional looking to expand the creative possibilities of your studio space, then the essential thing to do is to select the right photography backdrop to help you capture high-quality images.

Why are photography backdrops important?

Although the background is behind the subject, it is just as important as the subject to the extent that they can make or break a photo.  The whole look of a photo can be greatly affected by the backdrop on which it has been captured.

  • A backdrop has the important job of making a subject amazing.
  • Every photo has a story to tell and it can be created effectively with the right backdrop
  • Photography backdrop sets the stage for the whole composition
  • If you are planning to shoot products for sale online, a cluttered background is distracting and draw the attention away from the product.

The right photography backdrop can inspire creativity into your photography sessions.  Selecting a backdrop may seem like a simple task but there are so many styles of backdrops available in different sizes, patterns, and materials.  To buy the best backdrop at the most affordable price, you can visit Starbackdrop, a leading online retailer that offers an assortment of themed backdrops as well as custom photo backdrops.  They aim to be a one-stop shopping destination for all backdrops with a variety of size range and themes.

Below are some of the beautiful photography backdrops from Starbackdrop:-

Wedding backdrop

A weddings is a great celebration that is full of fun. There is plenty of photography session in a wedding, from bridal portraits to photo booths and more.  There are many beautiful wedding backdrops at Starbackdrop that are perfect for use behind the dessert tables, photobooths or wall decor.  It can even be kept as a keepsake when the wedding celebration is over.

Christmas backdrop

The holiday season is the season of creating memories with family with Christmas photos.  Whether it is the traditional family portraits or even just photographing a party or event, a Christmas backdrop is sure to liven things up. From falling snowflakes to bokeh lights, there is bound to be a backdrop that fits your unique needs.


Wood Backdrop

Wood floor or wood wall backdrops is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a rustic look.  These backdrops photograph look just the real wood.  From distressed planks to retro grain, there is something to meet every photographer’s needs.

Party Backdrop

Make your child’s dreams come to life with his or her favorite cartoon backdrop! This lion king backdrop is perfect for kid portraits, themed parties, birthday party decor and more.


Abstract and Textured Backdrops

For photography using abstract portrait whether in a photo booth or photo shoot, the abstract backdrops are perfect.  This backdrop is ideal for school photos, professional head shots, studio shoots or more.

The range of backdrops from Starbackdrop are versatile and durable. Made with thick fabric, the backdrops are machine washable. If you find slightly wrinkle after wash, the backdrop can be ironed.   They are also easy to fold and does not take up much storage space.  Whether you are a hobbyist ready to take your photography to the next level, or an established professional looking to expand the creative possibilities of your studio space, selecting the right photography backdrop is an essential step towards capturing higher-quality images.  Starbackdrop has everything you need to boost your photography skills.

Trending Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry

Most people express themselves through jewelry and it is also a way for people to stand out from others.  Men’s jewelry trend is on the rise, thanks to the influence set by rappers and hip hop artists. In recent seasons, there has been a 1990s streetwear revival which sees hip hop jewelry like chains, pendants, medallions and rings rising in popularity.  Today, the culture of wearing jewelry has shifted from only celebrities to anyone who wants to up their style.

Men’s fashion changes all the time and if you are looking to get some blings in the same styles as celebrities, you may want to check out Helloice,  an online jewelry retailer with a range of quality and trendy accessories for men and women alike.  Check out some of its collection that is the best option for men who loves jewelry.


Hip hop stars were donning big gold and diamond necklaces back in the ’90s. However, today’s fashion trend has revolved and men are opting for a more minimalist chain that is sleeker and shorter in length.  The hip hop chains can be worn on top of a shirt or tucked in, revealing only a small portion.

3mm Tennis Necklace in White Gold

Styles such as this Tennis chain show that men’s fashion has transitioned to emphasis less on huge sizes and more on fresh looking styles.


Another accessory trend that is popularized by the rap industry is to add pendants to chains for more personality and style. A simple and clean looking pendant give an ordinary outfit a unique and distinct look. Remember to consider style and practicality when choosing a pendant. Although your favorite hip hop artist may be seen wearing an enormous pendant or chain that cost millions in the music videos and performances, but when it comes to practical daily wear, a huge chain or pendant may weigh you down or simply be too flashy.  You may want to get hip hop pendants like this Iced Lightning Bolt pendant which is a great way to show your personal style.

Iced Lightning Bolt Pendant in White Gold


Bracelets are becoming an important accessory for men. You can almost find rappers wearing something on their wrist, either it is a bracelet or a watch.  Bracelet is a great way to complement almost any outfit and goes well with short sleeves.  When buying a bracelet, allow a little room for it to slide back and forth but remember not to get an oversized bracelet.


Rings have been an essential part of making a statement. There are many different types of styles available and the rings worn by rappers are more than just a plain ring.


Earrings make a bold fashion statement for the man who is ready to express his style. They are a great choice for those who looking for something sleek and fresh.  Earrings are great with casual or formal outfits and when done right, they can be a great everyday piece. For streetwear, bright and colorful earrings are the ideal choice. Earrings with subtle designs like this Halo Cross Studs Formal match well with formal outfits.

Iced Halo Cross Stud Earrings

80’s Accessories Trend Is Making A Comeback

Remember the 80’s fashion and Madonna pretty much set the fashion scene for the whole decade?  Every woman was trying to look like Madonna back then.  Who can forget the bustiers, gloves, messy hair, stacked bangles, hair ribbons and Madonna’s signature look – strands of beads, crucifix and pearls necklaces.  It gave off an edgy and classy vibe.  There is no doubt about it that she was the most influential celebrity during the ’80s era.

Today, the popular accessory trend that is making a huge comeback from the ’80s is the stacked necklaces.  Guess everyone sort of know this is coming since we have been seeing the most popular top on almost every Instagram post this past summer.

Madonna's Most Iconic Looks Throughout The Years | Billboard

If you are loving the neck stack trend, check out Missoma, a UK based jewelry brand which has a variety of necklaces in different textures and multiple lengths.

So if you want to channel your  ‘80s throwback look with some stack necklaces, check them out today.