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  1. 90’s Hairstyles That We Need Now

    August 6, 2020 by barbara

    Miss the 90’s era?  It is the decade of boy band and wild hairstyles. From messy buns to butterfly clips, there is just something special about the hairstyle trends from that time. Think Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. If you are feeling nostalgic and can’t help but relish in the wonderful wild 90’s hairstyle, please scroll down to see what we can wear today with a little help.

    Pin by Katherine Wright on Hair | Winona ryder hair, Winona ryder style, Winona ryder

    Wynona Ryder’s pixie cut which she debuted in the late 90’s.  The subtle layer and effortless styling made this hairstyle an instant hit.

    Bumble and bumble - Semisumo 1.5 oz/ 42 gA great pomade should do the trick. Semisumo by Bumble and Bumble that is strong on shine and soft on hold.

    Why 'The Rachel' still rules

    The soft curl added to this classic bob adds an interesting element to the hairstyle.  Shown here is Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends.

    Caviar Densifying Styling Mousse that boosts volume and softness.

    Kirsten Dunst with messy bun updo with butterfly clips

    Oh who can forget the butterfly clips?  You can’t talk about ’90s hairstyles without mentioning them! This ’90s staple was the hair accessory to own and you could wear it with any hairstyle.

    Vintage Extra Mini Metallic Butterfly Clip Set from Urban Outfitters.

  2. Dress Up Your Dog On Your Wedding

    July 24, 2020 by barbara

    Cannot imagine your big day without your best furry pal? Your dog is an important member of your family, so it is important that he or she witnesses you and your significant other exchange vows.  Everyone at the wedding party deserves a special outfit and that includes your pooch of honor.  Make sure that he or she is dressed for the occasion.

    Not sure how to dress your dog? Here are a few questions before choosing wedding dog attire:

    • How formal is the event? How fancy or casual your pet’s ensemble is based on what your human guests are wearing. If it is a black tie event, try a dog tuxedo.
    • What is the theme or color palette? Try floral attire. Are the bridesmaids wearing pink dresses? You may want to get your dog one too.
    • What is the role of your dog? Is your canine serving as a best pup? Find a dog wedding outfit that matches the groomsmen attire. Is our pet getting walked down the aisle? Opt for a fancy leash.
    • What is your dog like? Everyone should look and feel their best on the special day. When it comes to dog wedding attire, it is important to find something suited to your pup’s body and personality. Pay attention to sizes, and if they hate wearing dog clothes, opt for something more subtle.

    Ready to shop for dog apparel (  Keep reading for our favorite ways to spiff up your pooch for your wedding day.

    The perfect outfit for a flower dog – a whimsical, checkered gown ( Again, the embellished design is pretty darn impressive. Who knew dog wedding dresses could be so chic?

    This printed vest (  is super comfortable and sporty.  It is just the perfect outfit for your dog who does not like wearing any outfit.

    Make your pup the star of your wedding when you shop for dog outfits at Babyonlinewholesale (

  3. Best Clearance Sales This Summer

    July 15, 2020 by barbara

    Did someone say SALE?! That is probably one of the most favorite words for shoppers.  Researches have shown that sale-obsessed shoppers ultimately spend more money than non-sale shoppers. Shoppers are fixated on deals and discounts.  Also women enjoy shopping more than men.  Women shop more when emotions, both positive and negative, are running high.  Positive emotions like feeling good can also trigger an urge to shop.  Women indulge in retail therapy because it helps them to destress and make them happy.

    “I have nothing to wear. I have to buy new clothes.” That is a common refrain you will hear from a woman. So if you are looking to give your wardrobe an update but do not want to dig deep into your pockets, then you must check out the clearance ( section on  This online fashion retailer has markdowns that are an absolute steal.  You can snag tons of deals on dresses, tops, skirts and more in their clearance section.  Scroll down to see some of its best buys that you must add to your cart.

    Chic Prints Spaghetti Zipper Two-piece Swimsuits

    Floral prints are also a perennial favorite.  Grab this chic prints Spaghetti Zipper Two-piece Swimsuits for only $5.49 (

    Dresses are always on-trend and look great on every body type. Look for off-shoulder and flounce details for the perfect contemporary touch such as this short and chic off-shoulder dress ( at $21.99.

    An elegant strapless evening dress that can double up as a bridesmaid dress ( for $36.31.

    You do not have to spend a ton to look great. When you are smart about buying during sales and clearances, you can dress the same as your friends, only for a much cheaper price. This is the best way to stay in the loop without completely busting your budget.  Shop all your favorite picks at can’t miss prices at Babyonlinedress (

  4. The Necklace Trend That Every Jewelry Fan Should Have

    July 13, 2020 by barbara

    After months of bundling up in turtlenecks, it is time for your neck to see some sun again.  The warm weather is a great time to give your necklace collection a refresh.  Everyone has different tastes in jewelry, some prefer gold while others swear by silver.  Then there are others who might love to mix and match bright colors.  However, one thing we can probably all agree on is that it definitely completes any outfit. There is nothing like a statement necklace to take your ensemble to the next level.

    Do you want to know what is the necklace trend that is everyone is wearing now?  Well, do read on and get ready to bling out your outfits with these pretty pieces from Dazzleluna.

    At this point in time, it is clear to see that the seashell trend is back and not going anywhere.  And now, this style is bigger than ever. But if you are looking for a fresh way to wear these necklaces, opt for pieces that read less “beach day” and more polished.

    Gold Chunky Sea Shell Layered Chain Necklace for Travel

    Gold Chunky Sea Shell Layered Chain Necklace

    This ‘It’ accessory has risen above the rest. You have probably seen it all over your Instagram feed, right? If you have not bought a chunky chain necklace, then you may add one to your shopping cart, like, right now.

    Chunky Choker Chain Necklace

    Vintage-inspired trends continue to gain momentum especially on the runways where interesting pearl updates were noted such as this pearl layered vintage necklace.

    Vintage Pearls Line Necklace Layer Back Necklace for Wedding

    Fret not – there is no need to retire your coin necklaces yet. However, this year, fashion girls are layering their medallion pendants rather than just wearing one.

    Boho Cross Pendants Multilayer Necklace for Beach

    Boho Multi Layer Pendant Necklace

    Jewelry such as necklaces and earrings are the perfect way to spice up a simple outfit. It is literally the icing on the cake, and by paying attention to jewelry trends and implementing them can make you appear way more stylish.

  5. Best Place To Buy Cloak For Cosplay

    July 12, 2020 by barbara

    Cosplay is actually costume play and people who cosplay dress in costumes to role-play characters from their favorite movies, TV shows, books, comics and video games.  When a cosplayer chooses a particular costume, they are often tapping into a specific character or even a combination of characters because there is something about that role speaks to them personally.  Cosplay fans invest a considerable time, money and effort into creating a character which include accessories, costumes, hair or even body prosthetic. Do you know what inspires them to reinvent themselves so elaborately?  Studies have revealed that cosplayers find it very enticing and rewarding to dress up.  Wearing a costume allows a person to tap into confidence they did not know they had, and it also helps them overcome shyness in real life.

    Every year, there are many cosplay events around the globe.  It is the chance for fans to celebrate the Japanese animation and pop culture.  Many have indulged their creativity and imagination when it comes to creating costumes that are made to be noticed.  If you are preparing yourself for next year’s event, well look no further than Menweisi, a leading online retailer with a range of formal suits, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, special event dresses, business suits for men and women, and even bathrobes along with bedding products.   Check out below some of their cloak collection.

    This long white Velvet Hooded Cape is perfect for a variety of dress-up occasions. You can wear to your favorite Cosplay, Halloween, Role Playing, Gothic, Steampunk, Renaissance, Medieval, Masquerade, or Ritual event! Made from high quality velvet, this cloak features a fully lined hood and can be tied at the neck. Available in a range of color combinations and sizes.


    This velvet purple cloak with satin lining adds an easy resplendence to your next Cosplay look.  It is is available in a range of sizes. Perfect for any costume parties, role play, Halloween photos and more.

    Costuming is exciting and beautiful.  It is also a fun hobby that is incredibly creative.  At Menweisi, they have you covered from head to toe with costume capes and robes for adults. You do not even need to spend time to DIY your own cloak.  Just order from Menweisi and you are all set. Its website is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Their prices are very affordable too.

  6. The Quickest Way To Give Your Outfit An Update

    July 10, 2020 by barbara

    If you are tired of your day to day outfits, there is no need to start shopping for new ones just yet.  All you need are the right accessories.  The most basic outfits can be totally transformed with a few key pieces.   Want to know what’s hot in 2020?  It is none other than the chain necklace.  It is the jewelry trend that you will wear with all your outfits. With the right chunky necklace, your blazer/dress/sweater looks even more stylish.

    Oversize gold chokers and lucite necklaces ruled the necks of models in the spring and fall 2020 shows. If you are going out.  The chunky chains, which come in bracelet forms too, work equally as well for the office, when you need an easy style hack to dress up a sweater and jeans. So you don’t have to wait a minute longer to shop. After all, your outfit is in need of new accessories.  Check out below on some inspiration on how to wear the chunky chain necklace.


    Jewelry Trends Spring 2020 | POPSUGAR Fashion

  7. Engagement Ring Styles That Everyone Will Be Wearing In 2021

    July 2, 2020 by barbara

    As the weather is warming up and the holiday season is not too far away, it is the time when partners are all starting to think about popping the question. Are you getting ready to take the next step with your significant other or are just seeking inspiration for a later date? Trends come and go. While it is always most important to select an engagement ring that is tailored to the recipient, it is also wise to learn more about what is currently in style.  Shopping for an engagement ring can be a rather daunting task if you do now know where to begin.  There are many gemstones, stone shapes, and combinations that can make one overwhelmed with all the choices.  Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about the emerging engagement ring trends for the year ahead.

    Jeulia Halo Oval Cut Sterling Silver Ring

    Oval-shaped diamonds have been one of the most popular shapes for a few years.  Oval shapes are amazing because they show their carat weight well and are very flattering on the finger.

    Jeulia Leaf Shape Oval Cut Amethyst Engagement Ring

    For a bride who wants to stand out, an engagement ring with a colored stone will definitely sweep your her off her feet! The engagement ring collection from Jeulia features a range of rings with stones in gorgeous shades of yellow, purple, green, pink and blue which are becoming increasingly popular.

    Jeulia Moissanite Round Cut Vintage Gold Ring

    Super-skinny band is definitely the most in-demand setting. Many brides-to-be love the thin delicate band because it is classic with a modern edge and makes the Moissanite really pop! This setting is timeless and amazing for styling with other rings.

    Jeulia Two Tone Intertwined Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

    The twisted ring style incorporates two pieces of metal that intertwine to create the band that supports the main diamond.  The band can further be customized with diamonds and this ring trend suits a bride who is looking to bring a personal touch to her jewelry.

    Jeulia Simple Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

    Solitaires are a style of ring that has a single diamond. Simple but powerful, this style of womens engagement rings is the perfect option for minimalist brides who are seeking a refined look.  Solitaires are rising in popularity and this delicate and timeless touch style is not going anywhere.

    Like what you see above?  Then visit Jeulia, the leading jeweler store with an impressive range of affordable engagement rings that are designed and handcrafted at their state-of-the-art studio.  Every piece of jewelry is beautifully custom-made using only the most precious metals and finest quality stones to bring it to life. Stay on-trend and find your perfect match at Jeulia.

  8. Best Fake Eyelashes That Are Value For Money

    July 1, 2020 by barbara

    While having a good mascara is important, there is no denying that a set of false eyelashes is downright transformational. These days, there are many ways to enhance your lashes without relying on mascara to do the trick. From lash lifts to extensions, these beauty accessories give you an effortless-looking lash without much effort.  However, extensions and lifts are costly and one has to be extra careful with cleaning and maintaining it.

    Don’t want to spend hundreds on extensions?  Well here is a good news.  There is another option that you can choose if you want to give your lashes a boost – Lashine False Eyelashes.  This popular eyelash brand has a range of eyelashes that are natural-looking,  soft, flexible and lightweight.  They are flexible, fit the shape of the eyelids properly and blend in with the natural eyelashes.  The lashes are made carefully and meticulously with a high level of craftsmanship.  Their range of lashes is made without any chemicals so you can be assured that they are safe to use.  Do scroll down to read more about this brand.

    Most Charming Mink Lashes Kit MK10

    The above is the Everest False Eyelash 6020 which is handmade of Korean PBT material.  It features a durable lash strip which is very close to mink hair. One set of lashes will last about 15-20 wears.  

    Fashion Leader Eyelashes Collection

    Fashion Leader Eyelash Collection. This set of strip lashes are essentially foolproof when it comes to ease of application and staying power. These lashes give off a natural look while feeling comfortable and soft throughout the day.

    Lashine 3D false eyelashes are carefully handcrafted and feature the most fashionable 3D style design.  They are reusable, fluffy, natural, comfortable, sterilized and hypoallergenic.   At only $6.99, these are the false eyelashes to pick up before your next big event.

    Everest False Eyelash Kit 6020

    Say goodbye to glue because this Lashine Magical Eyeliner replaces it. This magical eyeliner is great for eyelashes to stay long, weatherproof, fast and easy to use. With this Magical Eyeliner, you do not have to use any mascara.

    Lashine has different false lashes for different makeup effects.  Whether you have a smoky, glamorous or shiny makeup, they have got your back.  Time to boost your lashes without looking like you are wearing anything other than a really awesome mascara, and reach for Lashine lashes. Use this code : SPRING20 to get 20% off your order.

  9. This Year’s Must Have Shorts That Go With Everything

    June 25, 2020 by barbara

    2020 is the year of the shorts and I am super thrilled.  I love wearing shorts because they are cool in both terms -when the temperature is rising and very trendy.  There is one key style that fashionistas are embracing and it is no other than a pair of high-waisted black shorts. They are so chic and versatile, and absolutely a summer wardrobe staple.   There are many different styles like athletic, biker and denim variety. Read on to uncover a smattering of shorts that will basically go with everything and I just want to add all into my cart.

    Belt crepé shorts - General plane

    Tailored shorts go with just a tube for a casual vibe or a structured blazer for a sleek Friday look at the office.

    High-waist shorts - General plane

    Tuck in a tee or shirt into a pair of high waist denim shorts for a foolproof summer vibe.

    Sports shorts High Waist - Old rose - Ladies | H&M 2

    Keep it comfortable and on-trend by pairing athletic shorts with a hoodie, tube socks, and retro sneakers.

  10. Change Your Look Effortlessly With Quality Wigs

    June 24, 2020 by barbara

    Many women experience hair loss or thinning hair for a variety of reasons.  It can be due to genetics, hormone fluctuations, dietary problems to side effects of chemotherapy.  Some hair loss problems can also be due to overusing heated styling tools such as flat irons or curling irons.  No matter the reasons, women do not have to deal with the embarrassment of balding or thinning hair and there is no need to go for costly hair restoration surgery.

    With wigs, you can change from short to long hair overnight, have blonde hair or black, curly or straight with much less effort.  Modern wigs are very natural indeed and come in all shapes and styles.  You can find short, long, straight, curvy, braided, layered and more styles.  A properly made wig can look totally realistic and the best place to shop for one is at Unice, a leading internationally renowned online wig expert which has a huge selection of the highest grade 100% human hair, virgin Indian hair, lace front wig, full lace wig, hair extensions and more.  They have many years of R&D as well as consultation with hair experts and sources around the world to develop 100% virgin human hair.  Unice’s hair is made up of 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. and their wigs have been designed to be an affordable collection. They are the best for people who demand comfort, quality & modern styles.  Let’s take a look at a few of their best sellers.

    Lace Front Wigs

    Lace front wigs are good for people with a thinning scalp, as it helps them make up for their bald hairline.   Such hairpieces are appealing because they allow women to transform their looks without making a big commitment.  With its realistic look, you can style your lace front wig in a variety of ways, from side parts, fishtail braids or ponytails. Unlike regular wigs, its versatility allows you to style and change where the part lies on your lace front wig, while still retaining a flawless natural hairline.

    Full Lace Wig

    Full Lace Wigs are the easiest to style.  They are very lightweight because lace material is light. They are also very breathable as they are less lace and more tightly woven mesh fabric with small holes between the strings.  This allows air to circulate in and around the wig.  This type of wig is ideal for women who are trying to regrow their hair after chemotherapy.  So if you are worried about overheating, or live in a hot climate country, then lace wig is just perfect.

    360 Lace Wig

    The 360 lace wig is an elevated frontal wig that offers lace closure all around the perimeter of the wig.  The 360 wigs are very versatile, which is why it is one of the most popular choices for women.  If you have always wished for a  sleek high ponytail, then this 360 wig can make it happen. They are affordable and easy to maintain.

    So, if you really want to give your appearance an upgrade, get yourself a wig.  It is pretty amazing how much having a different hairstyle can transform a person. For a woman, it is always important to vary her image and keep a fresh look.  Visit Unice today and find the perfect wig that is lightweight, comfortable, and natural.