Create The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Instantly

We all know it is not easy to create the perfect eyeliner, what more a winged eyeliner.  The shaky hands, the uneven eyeliner when we tend to draw a little more on one side, especially when you need to get ready as soon as possible are just some of the common problems we all face.   Thank God Flick Stick is here to save our day.

The Wingliner Stamp is the best eyeliner stamp to help create that perfect wing for any eye shapes, including hooded eyelids!  Just place the side with the winged stamp on the corner of your eye and keep your eye open,  Then draw in the connecting line so it appears smooth when your eye is open.

The Quick Flick Eyeliner | Winged eyeliner, Eyeliner, Eyeliner pen

This two-minute winged eyeliner comes with two ends – a wing stamp and a fuss-free liner.  There are 4 wing styles to suit any eye type. Made with special makeup formulation containing Candelilla was and Carnauba wax which dries quickly and does not smudge easily.   Flick Stick is very easy to apply and shortens your makeup routine time.  Available at

Human Hair Bundles Can Give You Unique Beauty

The greater part of the beauty are the hairs to many people. Any person who will need to have the human hair wigs will need to get the brilliant hair.  A very good hair then has the chance for beautifying the splendor. This is useful since you will need to look more beautiful. With the human hair bundles you can have the best deals that you will need. They have the best deals that could be best when you are focusing on beauty. If you can take the hair bundles then you will be looking nice. Thus, you will need to get the best that you will be looking for. Here thus you will need to get the best customers whom could be grateful as you will need them. Most customers are taking life to be effective, thus you will need what is best and thus offering you what you will prefer best. Here is the best weave hair that you can consider to grant you the best beauty.

Extraordinary designs of the hairs. The design that you will take as you make the choice matter. It is also fine since the clients will be getting what that can keep them beautiful. With the new trends, this is making the various styles to be very possible.  You could very beautiful when you seek to have u part wig. This is liked by many customers especially those with the mind of become beautiful. They have the good chance for fixing many things that can also be working out. It can be perfect since there is much and more that could also be required. Most clients prefer the cases for getting used to the best weave hair. It is one among what could keep them looking perfect. It helps in managing most of the things that can also matter in the decent way possible.

Best hair extension to the customers. With the possibility of any customers, it is very easy to have the right hair bundle. This is coming due to the wonderful amount of what is given out to them. The customers tend to seek what they prefer perfect in relation to the hair bundle that keeps one beautiful. The specialist is helping in showing possible hairs that can make one to look beautiful. Most customers are thus getting what is best. They are taking it grateful since there is much that comes from keeping one beautiful. Good and available can be fixing things that are more effective.

Human hair bundles are organized with the help of the experts. They are thus designed to fit the beauty of women. There is also consultation that is given in relation to the hairs. This is giving most of the answers that could come due to the cases that are offered. Hair that will make you look decent is what that is organized by those who could be helping. They have the right to get the best focus that can also be rectified in this case. With this condition, then most of the plans could vary based on how good you will look. In dealing with the same cases, then it could be offering the required look that you prefer. It is great when you meet the needs that you prefer most when you are working on the hair.

Searching the best hairs in the site could help out also. Visit the site and be getting the hair bundle that van fit your beauty. This is coming due to the best bundles that you are looking for. When you relate this, then you can find it from the possible choice that comes due to the hairs that matter. The cost that is offered can give you the chance in fixing what could matter. It is thus vey effective when you focus on the best hair that could fit your look. You thus have to be getting what you think could be successful in this way. The feedback on buying what is best then it could matter in the perfect way possible.

Finally, for the purpose of getting the beauty that you need, then asking consistently helps. Here you can be getting what you need. The hair bundles that are of your choices, could be selected based on what matter. If this is what you will be getting, then it can be effective. Available bundles could be best when you are taking them within the time that matter. Choosing will show you how best you will look. It is about what you pick. If you are picking what is best then, you can be secure. Think more on what you will also plan as you choose what best fits you. This is the useful approach that could help you to look beautiful. Make use of this as you will find the right-hair bundle to keep you beautiful.

Discover Your New Curvy Figure Instantly

A waist trainer is a piece of device which is similar to a corset.  It is typically manufactured from elastic material and features a velcro strap that can be cinched around the waist or bra-style hook and eyes that can be progressively tightened. The main intention of wearing women waist trainer belt is to create a slimmer waist and an hourglass figure.   If the waist trainer belt is worn consistently over time, they can create a pretty extreme effect.

This idea of using a garment to shape the waist is nothing new. Women in the 1500s have already started wearing corsets over a period of time to achieve a smaller waist.   Fast forward to now, waist trainers are made of different materials and not usually worn as tightly. However,  they promise a similar effect which can tone, slim, and shape the waistline as well as taking inches off the belly.

How Does Waist Trainer Work?

When wearing a waist trainer, there may be water weight shed through sweating. It is important to note that losing water weight does not mean you have lost fat.  Tightly cinched waist trainers make it hard to use the abdominal muscles hence this can make them weaker.  This could make your waist appear slimmer over time. A waist trainer helps to improve posture as it forces you to sit and stand up straight.  This might provide an overall longer appearance.   A better form could mean better fitness.  Also, when wearing a waist trainer during meals, one would tend to feel fuller faster as it squeezes and puts pressure on the stomach.  So you may end up losing weight from eating less food.

Many women use slimming bodysuit and other kinds of shapewear to hold in and smooth out the body fat.  These help them in efforts to lose weight and tighten up the bodies especially after having a baby.   This type of shapewear works by sucking in body fat and compressing the body.  There are many benefits to wearing one.  It prevents enlargement of fat cells, flattens tummy and hip, straighten the spine and compresses the uterus to its original shape.

With a combination of the right diet and exercise regime, waist trainers will not only slim the waistline but also help to achieve your long-term fitness goals. A good waist and thigh trainer not only helps to improve posture, it can make workouts more effective and helps women to reduce their natural waist size and accentuate your curves.

At FeelinGirls, you can find a wide variety of such as full-body shapewear with shorts for thigh control, neoprene shaper, thigh and arm trimmer and many more comfortable and lightweight material for wearing all day.  Their wide range of waist-slimming pieces and firm control shapewear is for women of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you fancy the look of a lace-up corset over a dress or a bustier version on a top, check out some fabulous finds at FeelinGirl best buy black friday 2020.  Give your body a stunning silhouette with their waist trainers. From workout trainer corsets to shapewear that can be worn for special occasions, their range is designed to fit you and your lifestyle.

Hair Business Is A Profitable Business With Brazilianhairtop

A business dealing with hair is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s world, especially Brazilian virgin hair business because it is highly sought after by customers.  Many look for these hair type because they want to achieve the styles and texture that cannot be done with natural hair.  People also use wigs because they want to protect their hair from the effects of frequent styling.   Due to these, the demand for them are high and created a lucrative avenue for entrepreneurs who want to start the business. There are many wholesale hair vendors in the market today and if you are looking for one to start your business or scale your salon business, well do read on. 

We know it is not easy to find a reliable wholesale hair product vendor.  You can now say goodbye to inconsistent quality, bad customer service and prices that fluctuate.  Just check out  Brazilianhairtop, a leading hair manufacturer that offers a wide range of top quality hair products at the best prices.   They provide premium Brazilian hair that are made from 100% raw unprocessed Brazilian hair.  You can find virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, closures, and many more.  When it comes to service, they are unparalleled.   Customers’ satisfaction is highly important to them and that is why you will never see them compromise on quality.    Brazilianhairtop has over 15 years of experience in supplying wigs that are of the highest quality as they are made from hair of the highest grade which provides durability and the perfect thickness. Their products are extremely versatile and suitable for most kinds of hair. 

Below are a few business solutions which you may consider:-

1.   Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a simple method where the seller holds nothing in stock and only buys the hair from the supplier after the customer has ordered.  This is a very popular choice because the seller does not need a huge capital to start the business.  All that is needed is a good website and most importantly, a reliable hair wholesale supplier like wwwbrazilianhairtopcom to work with.

2.  Wholesale

This premium wholesale hair company can provide you with top quality hair products at the most competitive price, complete with the most exceptional customer service.   

3.  Selling From Salon

If you are a salon owner or stylist, Brazilianhairtop is the perfect partner. Just sell its premium hair extensions from your salon or styling chair.

So if you are looking for a great way to start your own business or grow your business but are a little tight on cash, then you must check them out.  They have solutions to help you with your business so that you can focus on your customers’ needs. 

90’s Hairstyles That We Need Now

Miss the 90’s era?  It is the decade of boy band and wild hairstyles. From messy buns to butterfly clips, there is just something special about the hairstyle trends from that time. Think Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. If you are feeling nostalgic and can’t help but relish in the wonderful wild 90’s hairstyle, please scroll down to see what we can wear today with a little help.

Pin by Katherine Wright on Hair | Winona ryder hair, Winona ryder style, Winona ryder

Wynona Ryder’s pixie cut which she debuted in the late 90’s.  The subtle layer and effortless styling made this hairstyle an instant hit.

Bumble and bumble - Semisumo 1.5 oz/ 42 gA great pomade should do the trick. Semisumo by Bumble and Bumble that is strong on shine and soft on hold.

Why 'The Rachel' still rules

The soft curl added to this classic bob adds an interesting element to the hairstyle.  Shown here is Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends.

Caviar Densifying Styling Mousse that boosts volume and softness.

Kirsten Dunst with messy bun updo with butterfly clips

Oh who can forget the butterfly clips?  You can’t talk about ’90s hairstyles without mentioning them! This ’90s staple was the hair accessory to own and you could wear it with any hairstyle.

Vintage Extra Mini Metallic Butterfly Clip Set from Urban Outfitters.

Best Fake Eyelashes That Are Value For Money

While having a good mascara is important, there is no denying that a set of false eyelashes is downright transformational. These days, there are many ways to enhance your lashes without relying on mascara to do the trick. From lash lifts to extensions, these beauty accessories give you an effortless-looking lash without much effort.  However, extensions and lifts are costly and one has to be extra careful with cleaning and maintaining it.

Don’t want to spend hundreds on extensions?  Well here is a good news.  There is another option that you can choose if you want to give your lashes a boost – Lashine False Eyelashes.  This popular eyelash brand has a range of eyelashes that are natural-looking,  soft, flexible and lightweight.  They are flexible, fit the shape of the eyelids properly and blend in with the natural eyelashes.  The lashes are made carefully and meticulously with a high level of craftsmanship.  Their range of lashes is made without any chemicals so you can be assured that they are safe to use.  Do scroll down to read more about this brand.

Most Charming Mink Lashes Kit MK10

The above is the Everest False Eyelash 6020 which is handmade of Korean PBT material.  It features a durable lash strip which is very close to mink hair. One set of lashes will last about 15-20 wears.  

Fashion Leader Eyelashes Collection

Fashion Leader Eyelash Collection. This set of strip lashes are essentially foolproof when it comes to ease of application and staying power. These lashes give off a natural look while feeling comfortable and soft throughout the day.

Lashine 3D false eyelashes are carefully handcrafted and feature the most fashionable 3D style design.  They are reusable, fluffy, natural, comfortable, sterilized and hypoallergenic.   At only $6.99, these are the false eyelashes to pick up before your next big event.

Everest False Eyelash Kit 6020

Say goodbye to glue because this Lashine Magical Eyeliner replaces it. This magical eyeliner is great for eyelashes to stay long, weatherproof, fast and easy to use. With this Magical Eyeliner, you do not have to use any mascara.

Lashine has different false lashes for different makeup effects.  Whether you have a smoky, glamorous or shiny makeup, they have got your back.  Time to boost your lashes without looking like you are wearing anything other than a really awesome mascara, and reach for Lashine lashes. Use this code : SPRING20 to get 20% off your order.

Anti Aging Neck Massage You Can Do Yourself

As we age, our skin starts to sag due to the loss of elasticity and collagen.  Typically the first area of the body to show signs of aging is our neck with horizontal lines starting to appear on our neck.  Do you want to get rid of the necklines? I found this useful and informative video by The Body Clinic Day Spa on Tik Tok showing how we can do our own massage to reduce necklines and to have a youthful appearance.   Give it a try.

Instagram –

Korean Makeup Trend In 2020

When it comes to major makeup inspiration, look no further than the world of K-pop where beauty is just as important as the music.  Red velvet lips, glass skin, and hair in almost every imaginable color.  The beauty looks that adorn the faces of Korea’s biggest stars may range from bold and experimental to soft, dewy, and demure but one thing is for sure – they never fail to steal the show.

There are plenty of new K-beauty concepts to try out and emulate. Read on for the stand-out makeup styles of the moment, as seen in the world of K-pop.

The Blush

Time to forget what you previously knew about applying blush on the apple of your cheeks.  The latest beauty trend puts blush under the eyes and all over the center of our faces.  The undereye blush gives off a natural drunk and dazed flush to liven up our faces while adding a slightly demure and youthful glow.

Check out the Two-Faced Peach Glow illuminating, blushing and bronzing palette to give your face a radiant natural peach glow.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow
Brown Beauty

Effortlessly versatile and universally flattering, the color of brown seems poised for a makeup storm this year. From peanut butter to coffee brown, the different shades of brown add natural definition and warmth, while giving off easy elegance and radiance. Chocolate and tan tones were weaved throughout many Kpop stars music videos, from the soft, smoky shadows to define their eyes to the slight contour and shaped brows to highlight their features, together with popsicle-stained lips and nude gloss.  Brown eyeshadow looks are perfect for every day and there is no shortage of ways to wear this.   Add this Anastasia Eye Shadow Palette to your cart now.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette

Dewy Eyes

Bringing a whole new definition to the dewy-eyed trend is to apply a wet and glossy shimmer to the lids to elevate your eyeshadow game with a hint of instant glamour that looks effortless. While dewy skin is not something new in K-beauty scene, adding some sheer gloss to your eye makeup is easy to emulate.  Just add a little bit of Vaseline and you are good to go.

The look is often finished off with a simple matte lip like this Huda Beauty Matte Lip Color, as seen on Yeji above.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lip color

Can’t wait to channel your inner K-pop star?  Hurry and check out some wholesale makeup today.

Change Your Look Effortlessly With Quality Wigs

Many women experience hair loss or thinning hair for a variety of reasons.  It can be due to genetics, hormone fluctuations, dietary problems to side effects of chemotherapy.  Some hair loss problems can also be due to overusing heated styling tools such as flat irons or curling irons.  No matter the reasons, women do not have to deal with the embarrassment of balding or thinning hair and there is no need to go for costly hair restoration surgery.

With wigs, you can change from short to long hair overnight, have blonde hair or black, curly or straight with much less effort.  Modern wigs are very natural indeed and come in all shapes and styles.  You can find short, long, straight, curvy, braided, layered and more styles.  A properly made wig can look totally realistic and the best place to shop for one is at Unice, a leading internationally renowned online wig expert which has a huge selection of the highest grade 100% human hair, virgin Indian hair, lace front wig, full lace wig, hair extensions and more.  They have many years of R&D as well as consultation with hair experts and sources around the world to develop 100% virgin human hair.  Unice’s hair is made up of 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. and their wigs have been designed to be an affordable collection. They are the best for people who demand comfort, quality & modern styles.  Let’s take a look at a few of their best sellers.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are good for people with a thinning scalp, as it helps them make up for their bald hairline.   Such hairpieces are appealing because they allow women to transform their looks without making a big commitment.  With its realistic look, you can style your lace front wig in a variety of ways, from side parts, fishtail braids or ponytails. Unlike regular wigs, its versatility allows you to style and change where the part lies on your lace front wig, while still retaining a flawless natural hairline.

Full Lace Wig

Full Lace Wigs are the easiest to style.  They are very lightweight because lace material is light. They are also very breathable as they are less lace and more tightly woven mesh fabric with small holes between the strings.  This allows air to circulate in and around the wig.  This type of wig is ideal for women who are trying to regrow their hair after chemotherapy.  So if you are worried about overheating, or live in a hot climate country, then lace wig is just perfect.

360 Lace Wig

The 360 lace wig is an elevated frontal wig that offers lace closure all around the perimeter of the wig.  The 360 wigs are very versatile, which is why it is one of the most popular choices for women.  If you have always wished for a  sleek high ponytail, then this 360 wig can make it happen. They are affordable and easy to maintain.

So, if you really want to give your appearance an upgrade, get yourself a wig.  It is pretty amazing how much having a different hairstyle can transform a person. For a woman, it is always important to vary her image and keep a fresh look.  Visit Unice today and find the perfect wig that is lightweight, comfortable, and natural.

Looks You Are About To See In 2020

When it comes to beauty, many women spent a good part of the 2010s trying to look effortless with makeup, but in this new decade, makeup is finally fun again. The beauty trends for 2020 are playful, fresh and experimental, much like the retro inspirations from the ’80s with an entirely new look.

While the 80’s makeup trends were full of colorful lids and bright lips, the current trend is not overdone.  Do not fret at the thought of bright blue eyeshadow. Beauty trends in 2020 are about celebrating the individual.  Add a swipe of colored liner, pile on the blush and read on for the latest beauty trends that will be flooding the social media everywhere.

It’s All On The Eyes

Whether it is a bright liner, pastel shadow, or glitter, beauty trends for 2020 are all about the eyes. Try to go beyond the usual neutral smoky eye. It is time to experiment with colors and texture for a beautiful moment that is sure to turn heads.

15 Biggest Makeup Trends of 2020 That Are Everywhere

Check out the bright Anastasia Eyeshadow Palette that includes 14 all-new matte and metallic shades for eyes and face. The paradise-inspired springtime color collection features vibrant jewel tones and pops of color for you to embrace the bright, colorful eye makeup trend.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

Glass Skin

This year is all about a lit-from-within glow. Highly popular in the K-beauty scene, women who love this 2020 beauty trend use extensive skincare to create a complexion that looks like it was sculpted from glass.

What Is Glass Skin and How to Get It | Dermstore Blog

To achieve the look without a 10-step routine, apply an illuminating primer like this Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator under foundation and finish with a creamy, natural highlight.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators

Glossy Lips

Can we all agree to leave matte liquid lipsticks behind? The glossy lip is back, and whether you are into a balmy finish or full-on reflective shine, this is one of the easiest beauty trends of 2020 to pull off.  Just dab clear gloss over your favorite lip color for a subtle update to your usual look.

The Resurgence of Lip Gloss (and 5 You Need to Try) | StyleCaster

An opaque, high-shine lip color, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss features a flat sponge-tip applicator to deliver intense pigment with precision for an expert finish in a single swipe.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

So if you want to play around with new looks, check out the above cheap makeup brands.  These beauty picks will leave you looking flawless and ready for the red carpet no matter your budget.